Vintage Holy Toledo Clothing (Shirt, Hoodie, Hat)

by Molly Joyce

Holy Toledo t-shirt

Holy Toledo!

Even if you're not from Toledo, you've probably heard the phrase Holy Toledo at some point.

It's a phrase that's often used in surprise or excitement. You might have even heard this saying from watching Batman's right-hand-man Robin say it on TV!

While we aren't 100% sure where this phrase originated, we do know there are a few theories as to how it began.

Whether it's the Holy City of Toledo, Spain, a box-office superstition, or that Toledo was a sanctuary from gangsters in the 1920's/1930's, we can't be completely sure, but the theories are all fun to read about. 

If you want to learn more about the theories, check out the blog post that's linked above and let us know what you think! 

Vintage Holy Toledo T-Shirts

holy toledo t-shirt

Since the phrase Holy Toledo is so widely known, we have always wanted to make a shirt with this slogan. While Holy Toledo has old origins, nowadays it is primarily associated with the Toledo Mud Hens. 

The Mud Hens gave us permission to print the slogan on clothing last year and we've released two shirts, a hoodie, and a hat since then. You can check out the full Holy Toledo collection on our website. 

If you're in Toledo and like to do your shopping in person, visit one of our two retail stores


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