5 University of Toledo Sweatshirt Designs for Every True Rocket Fan

by John Amato

Today, we’re talking about two of our favorite things: comfy sweatshirts and the University of Toledo.

For the Jupmode staff, UT isn’t just another school. It’s our hometown university. We’re located right here in Toledo, where we do all of our designing and printing. We even have several proud Rocket alums on our team. 

With summer in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to check in on your cold weather wardrobe. If you’re in need of a new favorite sweatshirt, we’ve got you covered. 

Check out a few University of Toledo sweatshirt designs that are: 

  • Made for University of Toledo Rocket alums, students, and fans
  • Designed and printed locally in Toledo
  • Only available from Jupmode’s website or our Toledo retail stores 

1 - The University of Toledo Sesquicentennial Sweatshirt

orange and blue University of Toledo Sesquicentennial Sweatshirt from Jupmode

Has it been 150 years already? The University of Toledo has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1872. 

UT founder Jesup Wakeman Scott dreamed big but had to start small… extremely small. The school started with just one professor and 26 students. 

Today, after one and a half centuries, UT has an enrollment of 15,000 graduate and undergraduate students and over 166,000 alumni. Mr. Scott would be proud! 

Sesquicentennials aren’t exactly everyday occurrences, so don’t let the moment pass you by. The university has lots of activities planned throughout the 2022–23 school year to recognize the milestone. 

Commemorate your presence during this special time with this limited edition University of Toledo Sesquicentennial Sweatshirt. This item features UT’s blue and gold colors along with a vintage rocket logo. 

We’re partnering with the university to donate a portion of your purchase price to the new Rocket Boost Scholarship. 

2 - Toledo Rockets Tie Dye Sweatshirt

blue and yellow Toledo Rockets Tie Dye Sweatshirt from Jupmode

Have you ever seen tie dye look so stylish? 

This Toledo Rockets Tie Dye Sweatshirt is officially licensed by the University of Toledo. The tie dye print mixes several shades of light and dark blue in an incredibly varied and intricate design. 

Thanks to an 80/20 cotton and polyester blend, you get the perfect mix of comfy softness and athletic stretchiness. 

Want to go for the full sweatsuit? Check out the matching tie dye sweatpants that complete this groovy ensemble. 

”Hometown goodness. Love my new UT go-to comfort sweatshirt. Fantastic quality and super soft. Warmness on a cold day. Extremely happy with my purchase.” 
Anonymous, ★★★★★ Verified Jupmode Sweatshirt Buyer 

3 - The University of Toledo Blue Embroidered Sweatshirt

blue The University of Toledo embroidered crew sweatshirt from Jupmode

This blue University of Toledo Crew Neck Sweatshirt features embroidered lettering and an 80/20 cotton and polyester blend. 

The text is all-caps but embroidered in small and simple lettering for an understated look. The color scheme is tone-on-tone, with dark blue lettering on a powder blue backing. 

This embroidered sweatshirt design is also available in a yellow-on-yellow color scheme. 

4 - University of Toledo Corded Cropped Crew Sweatshirt

yellow University of Toledo Corded Cropped Crew Sweatshirt by Jupmode

This super cute honey-colored University of Toledo Corded Cropped Crew Sweatshirt is made with corded cotton for a textured look. The material is 100% ultra-soft cotton. 

Cropped at the bottom, you get the perfect mix of comfort and style. The fit is relaxed but angled perfectly for a sleek and form-fitting look. 

Corded sweatshirts are one of our favorite and most popular styles right now for all of these reasons.  

”Best sweatshirt. Great weight… super cute… perfect fit!” 
Brianna S., ★★★★★ Verified Jupmode Sweatshirt Buyer 

5 - UT Vintage Logo Crew Sweatshirt

blue and yellow UT Vintage Logo Crew Sweatshirt from Jupmode

The UT Vintage Logo Crew Sweatshirt features the university’s familiar midnight blue and gold with a throwback logo. We love the retro feel of the slanted, intersecting U and T. 

This sweatshirt is made from 100% cotton for unbeatable softness. The fit is relaxed and unisex with raglan sleeves, i.e. sleeves that extend to the collar and form a diagonal from the collar area to the underarm. 

This design is also available as a t-shirt

”Awesome sweatshirt. Love the feel and the old-school “UT” Toledo logo.” 
Michael S., ★★★★★ Verified Jupmode Sweatshirt Buyer 

If you’re a fan of vintage logos and lettering styles, check out a few of the old-school t-shirt designs below.

light gray U of Toledo Vintage Rockets Shirt by Jupmode

U of Toledo Vintage Rockets Shirt

Buy Now

gray and blue Toledo Chuck Ealey Undefeated Shirt by Jupmode

Chuck Ealey Undefeated Shirt

Buy Now

gray, blue, and yellow Vintage UT Logo shirt by Jupmode

Gray Vintage UT Logo Shirt

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University of Toledo Apparel From Jupmode

woman wearing a yellow University of Toledo sweatshirt from Jupmode

For more University of Toledo sweatshirts along with lots of great t-shirt designs, check out Jupmode’s University of Toledo Apparel Collection

While you’re at it, check out our Toledo City Pride gear, including these original city-themed t-shirt designs and much more:

gray, blue, and yellow Vintage UT Logo shirt by Jupmode

You Will Do Better In Toledo Shirt

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gray and red Toledo Zoo Vintage Tiger Shirt

Toledo Zoo Vintage Tiger Shirt

Buy Now

gray Vintage Metroparks Toledo Cardinals Shirt

Vintage Metroparks Toledo Cardinal Shirt

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”By far my favorite Toledo zoo shirt, thanks Jupmode!” 
Anonymous, ★★★★★ Verified Jupmode T-Shirt Buyer 

Jupmode is based in Toledo, but we celebrate the entire Midwest with these great collections: 

Everything we design celebrates something we love about the American Midwest—the places, the culture, and the people.

UT isn't just another school photo snippet

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the Jupmode blog to learn more about our products and our unique devotion to the Midwest. For answers to several of our most frequently asked questions, see below or visit our full FAQ

Where are Jupmode’s brick-and-mortar stores located?

Jupmode’s only two retail stores are both located in Toledo, Ohio, a short drive from the University of Toledo campus. Here are the addresses for our brick-and-mortar locations: 

Jupmode Adams Street Store
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Is Jupmode affiliated with the University of Toledo? 

We’re a private company, not under the ownership of a university. However, we hold official licenses to design and sell apparel for the University of Toledo as well as Bowling Green State University. 

Do Jupmode sweatshirts shrink in the wash? 

Most Jupmode sweatshirts are made from 100% cotton or from a cotton and polyester blend. Cotton items are more prone to shrinking than blended materials.

Jupmode sweatshirts are pre-shrunk to minimize the chance of post-purchase shrinkage. Some shrinking may occur with fleece or cotton garments if they’re run through a dryer cycle on high heat. To prevent shrinking, we recommend hang-drying fleece and cotton items or tumble drying using low heat. 

Does Jupmode do custom printing? 

We sure do! Custom printing is a big part of our business. 

You can order custom embroidery or screen printing to bring your design ideas to life. We’re always eager to collaborate with local businesses, non-profit groups, organizations, and schools. 

Visit our custom embroidery and promotional product design page to learn more. 

How quickly are Jupmode items shipped?

We ship items within 1–5 days of receiving an order. 

Jupmode ships items via the United States Postal Service (USPS). Packages normally arrive within 7–10 days of order placement and shipping is free for all orders over $75.

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