Transport yourself to Spain with our new Toledo Spain shirts!

by John Amato

Toledo Spain Shirts

You know us for making shirts that celebrate all of the great things about Toledo, Ohio. We thought it was time to pay tribute to the other, older Toledo - Toledo, Spain.

The connection between Toledo, Ohio and Toledo, Spain is the oldest recognized sister-city relationship in the world, established in 1931. Whether you're from Toledo, Ohio or Toledo, Spain, we are Toledo!

Do you like Toledo history? Well, let's take it back a little farther and to our sister city, Toledo, Spain. Known as the Imperial City, Toledo has a long history of making bladed weapons, which is where our newspaper, The Toledo Blade, derived its name. How cool is that?

Perhaps the most commonly known usage of the word Toledo is in the phrase 'Holy Toledo'. It's an expression that indicates disbelief. You might be familiar with Robin exclaiming, 'Holy Toledo, Batman!'. If this is why people know the city of Toledo, that's fine by us because the origins are pretty interesting. 

There are a lot of explanations for the origin of this phrase. has some history on it and we found an old clipping from the Blade with three origin stories.

This is relevant to the shirts at hand because one explanation for the origin of the phrase Holy Toledo! comes from our Spanish counterpart. The city of Toledo, Spain, where Christianity got its first hold in that country after a long political and religious struggle, is often called the Holy City of Toledo in literature.

Our Toledo, Spain shirt was designed for those that have always dreamed of going to Spain and visiting Toledo, but have never made it. We can imagine you're a little more restless this year than normal from all of this staying at home. Maybe you've had a vacation canceled or you just miss being able to travel without worry. This shirt will take you to the historic city of Toledo and home of El Greco in the interim. 

One thing that connects the sister cities of Ohio and Spain is the rich history of both cities. Somos Toledo! translates to 'We are Toledo!'. It is a motto of pride about being from Toledo. No matter which Toledo you are from, we are Toledo!


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