Tour Toledo Ohio with our You Will Do Better In Toledo Coloring Book

by john amato

toledo museum of art coloring book

When we say "You will do better in Toledo", we really mean it. This You Will Do Better In Toledo coloring book is our shortlist of awesome places to visit and organizations to know in the Toledo area. These are places that you've come to love in Toledo, places that give you hope, and places that are special to your city. These are organizations that grew right here in Toledo and are now cornerstones of the city. 

Toledo Library Coloring Book

Creativity runs wild in Toledo. We think it's one of the things that makes our city special. Every day people are working hard to create a better Toledo. In this coloring book you can take that creativity and make the city your own. Color the city, leave your mark, and be inspired by the great places in the Toledo area. 

Fifth Third Field Mud Hens Coloring Book

This coloring book is the perfect gift

This book gives you the ability to be home but still “visit” your favorite places in Toledo! You can transport yourself directly to Fifth Third Field, the Toledo Museum of Art, the Toledo Zoo, Oak Openings Metropark, the Toledo Library, and many other favorites in and around Northwest Ohio. Our Ohio coloring books are great ways to relax your mind and pass the time while coloring the places you wish you could be.

If you love Toledo or know someone who does, this book hits so many great places that you love about Toledo. What other book showcases the best of Toledo and let's anyone have fun with it at the same time. It's not your standard coffee book table. There's a wonderful synergy between the art in the book and the color you add to it.

The relaxing nature of coloring books has never been more important. Coloring gives you an opportunity to free your mind and let the stress in your daily life take a back seat. If you're looking for something different and more productive to unwind at the end of the day, this book is for you. 

Oak Openings Metropark coloring page

If you're looking for a creative outlet and you're not super creative like me, there is nothing better than a coloring book. It gives you structure and a guideline to bring color to your life. We absolutely love seeing the colored pages that our customers have tagged us in. It's inspiring to see each person's interpretation of the page. 

Tony Packo's Coloring Book

The You Will Do Better in Toledo Coloring Book was even featured in the Toledo City Paper. It's a great interview with the illustrator and gives great background on the artist and making of the book. 

This coloring book is illustrated by local artist Maura Amato, a landscape painter, muralist, and a middle school art teacher. To find more of her work, visit her website


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