How Toledo businesses can use signage to promote their brand and keep people safe

by Molly Joyce

If you’re looking for new opportunities to get in front of your customer, it might be time to update your signage. Signs have become more and more important in a post COVID-19 world. They are important as a form of promotion and communication. 

With businesses in all sectors of the economy facing new challenges, it has never been more important to market to your customers. Signs are an affordable way to do this. They have a long life, are customizable in your brand and logo, and capture the attention of a lot of people. 

The need to communicate clearly to customers and visitors has never been more important. In public places it’s important to establish social distancing, establish walkways, and provide instructions on policy changes as a result of new safety protocols.  

Below is more information for the three most common requested signage options that we receive - floor decals, yard signs, and wall decals.   

Social Distancing Floor Decals 

Floor decals have become commonplace in businesses everywhere. From grocery to retail to schools and anywhere in between where people may visit, floor decals help to ensure safety of employees and customers by giving clear instructions to visitors. 

Social distancing signs, like the ones we use in our stores, are a great way to show customers you go the extra mile in taking preventative measures for the safety and well being of others. We have noticed that by using floor decals, it increases customer awareness of where they are in the store and how their shopping experience should be while allowing them to safely see our apparel at an appropriate distance from other shoppers. 

Floor decals have become standard protocol in public places. It’s the bare minimum for stores that are open to the general public. While it might seem daunting to have the graphics made, printed, and installed, in reality it is an easy process. We can customize the graphics with your brand, logo, or colors. Installation is a quick and simple process. All you have to do is clean the floor underneath, lay them flat on the floor, and apply some pressure so they stay in place. 

Custom Branded Yard Signs 

Yard signs are an affordable and easy way to share your message. The best part about yard signs, besides how easy to install they are, is how durable they are! These signs are built to tolerate snow and rain without falling apart. 

On Adams Street, we proudly displayed this “United We’re Strong” sign in April to support the United Way’s Emergency Response Fund. The design was inspired by our United We’re Strong shirt which benefited the program as well.

The United We’re Strong signs were proudly displayed throughout the area on 419 Day - April 19th. The United Way of Greater Toledo explained the initiative as such: “Buckeye Broadband is leading the conversation and has rallied several media outlets to promote positive stories in the 419, calling it “Unite419”.  While spreading a reassuring message, they are also galvanizing community philanthropy by encouraging families to contribute to the United Way of Greater Toledo’s Emergency Response Fund!”

There is a wide application of uses for yard signs. Right now, they are extremely commonplace with the upcoming elections. However, yard signs have broader uses. It’s a great promotional tool for schools (acceptance and graduation) and contractors place them in the front yard when working on residential projects.

Wall Decals

If you know us, you know we like to have some fun at Jupmode. Outside of our Adams store, we have two different vinyl displays on our exterior wall. These displays are a fun way for customers to engage with us as it is frequently used for photo ops that later are shared with a greater audience. While these displays don’t specifically have our name or logo, we have successfully built a brand where customers and locals associate us with the above images.

The vinyl used for the wall graphics is the same vinyl used for floor graphics. It’s durable and adheres to many surfaces. In the examples above, it is on a brick wall. If you looked at it up close, you would think that it was painted on!

Vinyl graphics such as these are very popular in schools for spirit walls. The next time that you enter a gymnasium or football stadium, pay attention to the graphics on the walls. Schools at every level - elementary, middle, junior high, high school, and university - capture attention and bolster school spirit with striking full color graphics in and around their school. 

Another frequent application for wall graphics is in manufacturing facilities as operations maps. Wall decals can give employees and visitors clear labels for departments, offices, bays, and docks. This improves efficiency and safety in the workplace.

If you work in any industry where we can help, please reach out to us at or call us at 419.318.2029 to talk about your signage options!


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