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New Release: Tol Script Shirt and Long Sleeve Hoodie

New Release: Tol Script Shirt and Long Sleeve Hoodie

We're super excited about introducing another long sleeve hooded shirt to the line that's just as soft and lightweight as our tri-blend tees and just as essential to your wardrobe!

Our TOL Script t-shirt and long sleeve hooded shirt are staple Toledo city pride pieces that go with everything. 

Script Toledo Ohio Shirt and Hoodie

The soft, black print on these heather gray pieces are simple and timeless. The artistic script Tol print is hand sketched and balanced by the state of Ohio. 

Over the years we have seen that the simple designs are often the most loved. If you love comfortable shirts and classic graphics, this shirt is for you. 

This time of  year is perfect for a long sleeve t-shirt hoodie. When you're outside at night or on a cool morning, it's too warm for your standard fleece hoodie

We've been busy working on a lot of new designs lately. Our retail team has been pairing them with great garments.Visit our new releases page to check out all of our new releases and sign up for our email newsletter to stay up on new products releases!

John Amato launched Jupmode with a single shirt idea - the Jim Tressel Sweater Vest T-Shirt. He brings his dog Penny to work with him nearly every day, is an avid gardener and sourdough bread baker, and loves to spend his time outside of work with his family. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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