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Toledo Ohio Fireworks Shirt! (New Release)

Toledo Ohio Fireworks Shirt! (New Release)

When you think of summer in Toledo, what comes to mind? For us, we think cookouts, cornhole, bonfires, and most importantly, fireworks. 

That's why we created this fun, new vintage Toledo Fireworks shirt - to celebrate the best that Toledo has to offer. 

Toledo shines and so do you!

Toledo Shines Product Photo


We designed and printed the perfect shirt for all of your favorite summer festivities. This cozy Vintage Toledo Fireworks Shirt will be sure to be your next go-to. From heading to the pool to grilling out, you won't want to miss your chance on showing your love for Toledo. 

With the warm weather here, there are so many fun ways to celebrate summer fun. There's nothing better than heading out to Fifth-Third field to cheer on the Mud Hens and then staying back to watch their celebratory fireworks. If you're not into baseball, then grilling and cooking out is just as fun. 

What makes this shirt special?

We wanted to make this shirt unique to show how much our love for Toledo shines. When we print this design, the shirt is printed with puff ink to give an extra pop of color and a cool raised texture. 

This is unlike most of the shirts we print. If you own a few of our other shirts, you probably know that not only do we screen print our own shirts, but we prefer to print our shirts with a soft hand, vintage feel

Changing things up for this design, which was hand illustrated by our own designers, felt like the right thing to do. 

Gear up for the Fourth of July in Toledo, Ohio!

One of the best days in the summer is the Fourth of July. Getting together with friends and family, cooking out, playing and hanging out poolside, and watching vibrant fireworks pop off. It almost is the definition of what summer is supposed to feel like. 

Make sure to take our new Vintage Toledo Fireworks Shirt with you to all of your summer activities! This shirt shows off your love for Toledo with vibrant, colorful fireworks. How much more summer could this be? 

Get yours today

If you're just as excited as we are about this shirt, make sure to stop into our retail stores or shop online!

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