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Toledo, Ohio Face Masks

Toledo, Ohio Face Masks

Toledo Ohio Michigan Midwest Face Masks

We're still seeing changes on a weekly basis related to COVID-19. One story grabbing a lot of the headlines is the use of masks in public. 

While the state of Ohio has not required masks to be worn in public, many cities and counties are mandating masks. Wood County and the city of Toledo have mandated masks to be worn in public places.

If you're like us, you've found that you need more masks than you originally thought. You probably have one in your pocket or purse, your car, your workspace, and by the door in case you need to leave the house.

Need more masks? We've got you covered! Our masks are comfortable and easy to wear and wash. We offer them as a 3-pack so you'll always have a clean mask in rotation. Masks are in stock, shipping fast, and can also be found at both of our retail stores (Adams Street and Cricket West).

Please note that these are not medical grade masks and are not designed to be worn as such. To read about the CDC's recommendations on face coverings, here's a link.

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