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Toledo Museum of Art T-Shirt (New Release)

Toledo Museum of Art T-Shirt (New Release)

Art runs deep in Toledo! 

Toledo Museum of Art Vintage Logo T-shirt


One of our favorite places to get inspired is our world-renowned art museum, the Toledo Museum of Art! The TMA is located in the Old West End but is known internationally for its collections, programs, and even the campus itself. Since 1901, the Toledo Museum of Art has been striving to integrate art into the lives of everyone they meet.

The Toledo Museum of Art is one of those places in Toledo that everyone mentions when someone asks why do you love Toledo. And you know what? There's a reason it's always mentioned. It's that special of a place. And it really hits home when you travel to other larger cities and remain unimpressed by their museums. 

Hopefully you don't overlook how special our museum is. Let this shirt be a reminder of all of your great experiences and memories at the museum. 

We teamed up with the museum to bring you this vintage-inspired t-shirt with a logo of theirs from 1908! Wear it proudly to celebrate a Toledo staple.

This shirt can be found on our website and in either of our Toledo, Ohio retail stores.

Molly Joyce is the Marketing Manager at Jupmode. After studying Marketing, Management, and Professional Sales at the University of Toledo's College of Business and Innovation (Go Rockets!), Molly helped develop marketing and communication projects for a global Fortune 500 company.  Now she leads the coordination and execution of marketing initiatives for the consumer retail brand and B2B custom businesses at Jupmode. Connect with Molly on LinkedIn!

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