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Toledo Museum of Art T-Shirt (New Release)

Toledo Museum of Art T-Shirt (New Release)

Here at Jūpmode, we love everything Toledo and all of the places that make our city so unique.

That being said, we wanted to create a new Toledo Museum of Art shirt to show off how special it makes the Glass City.  

toledo museum of art vintage-inspired t-shirt

A Staple since 1901

Founded in 1901, the Toledo Museum of Art has been globally recognized for its unique collections, quality educational programs, and beautifully structured campus. The museum hosts awesome events for the community and even has special guests make a special appearance, such as John Legend. 

What's awesome about our very own museum is that it's free to the public! As local Toledoans, we have so much love and appreciation for the Toledo Museum of Art that we wanted to create another shirt to show how amazing the museum is. 

Show your Toledo, Ohio pride

This comfortable, vintage-inspired tri-blend t-shirt is sure to show off your love and support for our very own Toledo Museum of Art. On the shirt is a drawing of the front entrance of the museum which captures the essence, beauty, and welcoming feel that the building radiates. 

We are incredibly excited to team up with the Toledo Museum of Art for this awesome shirt just in time for the holidays and new year!

If you know someone who loves the Glass City, art, or even both, then this shirt is sure to be loved. Grab this shirt today and start repping your favorite place in Toledo.

Stop into our retail stores or shop online to find this shirt. 

Molly Joyce is the Marketing Manager at Jupmode. After studying Marketing, Management, and Professional Sales at the University of Toledo's College of Business and Innovation (Go Rockets!), Molly helped develop marketing and communication projects for a global Fortune 500 company.  Now she leads the coordination and execution of marketing initiatives for the consumer retail brand and B2B custom businesses at Jupmode. Connect with Molly on LinkedIn!

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