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The Pythian Castle (Toledo History and Fun Facts)

The Pythian Castle (Toledo History and Fun Facts)

What's cooler than a historic castle that was once used for secret society meetings? 

We can't think of anything either. 

The Pythian Castle is an iconic structure in Toledo, Ohio. 

The Pythian Castle is one of Toledo's most unique historic buildings. In 1890, the Pythian Castle was built by the Knights of the Pythians and was used to hold secret society meetings! As   

Located on the corner of Jefferson Ave and N. Ontario St., the Pythian Castle is a well recognized building in downtown Toledo even though it has been empty since 1974. After close to 40 years of vacancy, repairs started in 2016 and it has been exciting to see this building come back to life!

To follow along with updates of the repairs and renovations, check out the building's Facebook Page for updates! 

Our vintage Pythian Castle t-shirt combines a hand drawn illustration of the building with colorful accents and text. The illustration may look familiar to anyone who owns our Toledo, Ohio coloring book as it is one of the coloring pages inside.

As celebrating Toledo is one of our favorite things to do, we were very excited to create this t-shirt. If you want to share Toledo history wherever you go, get yours here

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