The Jupmode T-Shirt Truck (Throwback Thursday)

by john amato

Do you remember our Jupmode t-shirt truck?!

In 2013 I bought an ordinary bread truck and turned it into a t-shirt truck that we took to events to sell our apparel out of. You might remember seeing it at events like Old West End Fest and Maker's Marts! 

jupmode t-shirt truck

Originally the truck was bought to sell our retail shirts. The hope was that I'd be able to drive around town and sell wherever I parked - just like the local food trucks. However, the city of Toledo wouldn't permit me to do that for some odd reason. 

Since I couldn't park on the street and sell, I was forced to find property owners who would give me permission to do so. The first year we were lucky enough to get everything ready in time for the holidays and the Shops at Fallen Timbers gave us some parking space.

The truck was colorful, glamorous, and a fun idea. However, in the moment, I didn't really consider what it would be like to be outside in a cold truck in December when it gets dark at 5PM. Let me tell you, it wasn't as fun as it looked. 

Over the years we used the truck for more events and even for deliveries for our larger custom orders. Unfortunately there weren't enough opportunities to use it to sell and the maintenance was a lot of work. When we opened our store on Adams Street in Toledo, it was the beginning of the end for the truck.

Although we've retired the truck, but we'll always remember the days of driving around town in the Jupmode Mystery Machine.


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