New Release: Art Tatum Jazz Great T-Shirt

by John Amato

Celebrate jazz pianist Art Tatum! Born and raised in Toledo, Art Tatum got his start playing events and clubs around the city before launching his professional career. His famous quote, "There is no such thing as a wrong note" is one of inspiration not only to jazz musicians, but to anyone navigating the world. There are only mistakes if you haven't learned to improvise!

Our new shirt honors the Toledo legend that is considered by many to be the greatest jazz pianist in history. Art, who was blind, learned to play at a young age by miming the keys on a player piano. This is how he developed his characteristic fast paced playing style that is so difficult to imitate. 

Art grew up in the junction neighborhood of Toledo. His childhood home still stands and is marked with a plaque that lists his contributions to the music world. Across the street from his home is Tatum Park and a garden maintained by Urban Wholistics

The most notable tribute to Art Tatum in the Toledo is likely one that most people don't realize is dedicated to him. Outside the Huntington Center there is a twisting column of black and white piano keys.  

Art Tatum is an inspiration to everyone. As a poor, disabled, African American child that grew up in Toledo he used his immense talent to bring music to the world. Whether you're getting tea for two or just want to honor one of Toledo's all time greats, this shirt is for you.

Art Tatum T-Shirt


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