Support the 577 Foundation with our "Growing Together" Community Shirt

by Molly Joyce

We are in our fourth year of partnering with local non-profits to raise awareness and funds for the organizations that are making a positive impact in our community through our Toledo Community Shirt Club

For our fourth Community Shirt Partner this year, we have teamed up with the 577 Foundation in Perrysburg! 577 builds a creative, caring community through curiosity and lifelong learning. We want to help raise awareness and teach people about everything the 577 Foundation does. 

577 Growing Together Community Shirt

For the month of July, $5 from every purchase of the limited edition Growing Together t-shirt will be donated to the 577 Foundation. The money donated will help continue the legacy Virginia Secor Stranahan left us by bringing the community together to discover, create, teach, have fun, and be inspired to take care of the environment and each other. 

What is the 577 Foundation? 

The 577 Foundation started with Virginia Secor Stranahan. From an early age, Virginia rejected the life course that others thought obvious for her as a society woman. She was an accomplished sportswoman, an expert skier, fly fisherwoman, and amateur golfer. She traveled extensively, to all seven continents, often seeking out remote destinations of particular geographic or ecological interest. She did not travel for leisure; instead, she traveled to learn and understand.

Virginia was keen to help people achieve their highest potential through education and experience. Understanding the need for children’s education to be well-rounded and hands-on, Virginia hired a pottery instructor to teach her six children how to throw pots in the garage of their home. Soon their cousins and neighborhood kids were expected at pottery class every Saturday morning. This was the precursor to 577’s Pottery Studio.

In 1952, Virginia teamed up with a local gym teacher to start a day camp called Hob Haven for the same kids to explore nature, play sports, learn, and run wild on her 12 acres of land. When it got too hot, they’d all load into a car and drive a few blocks to the pool. They drank fresh milk out of the dairy barn at 577 and tended organic gardens in what is now 577’s community gardens.

By 1988, 577 was established. Virginia created a place where people can feel comfortable, try something new, provide a sense of peace, and be a part of her vision. Through the help of many community members’ ideas, volunteers, part-time and full-time staff, and a lot of serendipity, 577 began to evolve and the opportunities continue to change and grow

What can you do at the 577 Foundation? 

577 is Virginia's gift to the city she loved. She wanted it to be a place of life-long learning, a place to work hand-in-hand with other nonprofits and a place to engage in meaningful connections. 

You can explore the grounds, take a walk along the Maumee River, participate in art classes, learn about gardening, check out the shop and immerse yourself in hands-on experiences on your next trip to the 577 Foundation! 

Want to sign up for a class? Sign up here before spots fill up! 


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