Super Cinemas Shirt (New Shirt Release)

by Molly Joyce

Once branded as Toledo's newest and most luxurious bargain price cinema, Super Cinemas was located right off of Airport Highway and was a cool place to be in the 90s and early 2000s.

The snacks were cheap, the lobby was huge, the windows were everywhere, and yep, you could easily pay with a handful of quarters because movies were around $2.

Super Cinemas Vintage Movie Theatre Shirt

Supper Cinemas Shirt

Super Cinemas was loved by many in the Toledo area so much so that people still remember fun times years later. 

Hear some memories from Super Cinema fans shared with us on Instagram! 

"I miss them so much!! And they had the art house movies, too. Super Cinemas was the place to be!!" - Mackenzie Bensch

"I used to work at Super and met my kids dad working there!" - Holly Ackley

No matter how strong your connection to Super Cinemas was show your love for it by picking up this vintage shirt. 

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