Storm of the Century Blizzard of 1978 T-Shirt

by john amato

On January 26, 1978 parts of the Midwest, including Toledo, experienced the storm of the century. This storm was so iconic with snow drifts up to 10 feet high and winds up to 50mph, that it will forever be known as the Blizzard of ‘78.

toledo blade article on the blizzard of 1978

There are stories of hundreds of Midwesterners, stranded by the blizzard, who had to dig their way out of snow that encased their homes. People had to snowshoe to the grocery store and anywhere else they needed to be. With everything shut down, there was plenty of time for fun winter activities like sledding after the storm passed!

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blizzard of 1978 t-shirt

To commemorate this historic event, we recreated this Blizzard of '78 shirt. It's been a fan favorite since it's release, especially this time of year when the snow starts to fall!

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