by Shannon Mossing

Our store is located at 2022 Adams Street in Toledo, Ohio!

Monday: 11-6pm

Tuesday: 11-6pm

Wednesday: 11-6pm

Thursday: 11-6pm

Friday: 11-6pm

Saturday: 10-4pm



  • Comment Author: Linda Czubinski

    Please call me when you print Proud Dad of the Best Dog t-shirt size 2 XL _419-376-0793.

  • Comment Author: Linda Czubinski

    I want to ordered t shirt Proud Dad of the Best Dog size 2 XL. Please give me a call when you get the chance to print them. Thanks Linda Czubinski

  • Comment Author: Beth Gensler

    The hours listed on your site state that you are open on Saturdays until 5 PM for the Christmas season. We came downtown a little after 4 PM to find that you were closed. I went back to the website and noticed that the date on it was from December 2017. If you want customers to come visit your store it would be nice if you had updated hours on your website. A little frustrating to make plans to visit your store before going to dinner and not being able to shop. We would have come down earlier. Hoping we can make it back downtown some other time to buy Christmas presents.


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