JupCrew Staff Picks 2020 [Holiday Gift Inspiration]

by Molly Joyce

Need a little extra gift inspiration this holiday season? We asked our staff to help you! They've chosen their all time favorite Jupmode gear and are sharing what they love with you. Take a look! 

Ysa, Retail 

I like  the Toledo Teddy because it is super soft, cozy, and the perfect crewneck for winter. I’m able to layer it with a turtleneck and pair it with a winter jacket and it looks good while staying cozy

The Toledoan embroidered crew is another one of my favorites because it’s so simple but still reps my favorite city in the cutest way possible. It’s super comfortable and so easy to style. I’ll always be a Toledoan.

Who doesn’t love the Midwest? I love our Midwest is Best crewneck because of the groovy graphic and the color. The tan color is a fall/winter color that compliments my style. I know that with this garment that I can dress it up or dress it down while still showing my Midwest pride.

Shannon, Retail Art Director 

Every year, but especially this one, I've been thankful for Toledo's natural spaces. When creating this Toledo Woods Crew Sweatshirt I wanted to make a design that felt nostalgic, with my dad's old outdoorsy t-shirts in mind from the 70's and 80's, but also one that celebrated just how much natural beauty Toledo has to offer today. We're so lucky to have the Metroparks in Toledo, for time to get out, reflect, and be surrounded by nature. For all of those reasons (and because it's super soft, has a great fit, and is very cozy) the Toledo Woods Crew Sweatshirt is one of my favorites! My other go-tos for getting out and exploring Toledo in the fall and winter are the Green Ohio Cozy Beanie and the Vintage Metroparks Toledo Cardinal Hoodie.

Pedro, Production Assistant

As a transplant to Toledo (I moved here this year from Chile), I like the TOL Script shirt because the design is a simple, stylish, contemporary Toledo t-shirt. It's really well designed and I like that it represents Ohio as well. 

The Floral Ohio shirt is another favorite of mine because it makes me think of something warm and summery, and, of course, there are so many awesome colors. I studied graphic design back home so I really appreciate the hand drawn graphic on this shirt.

Emilia, Retail 

I like the Lake Erie crew best because it makes me feel like it’s a hot July day and I'm about to hop on a boat at any minute. It’s airy enough for the day but warm enough for cooler nights. 

I am obsessed with the Frogtown shirt because fat, lumpy toads are my favorite animals and any opportunity to showcase them is one I’ll take. 

The Toledo Coffee Drinker Mug shirt is one of my favorites because I love the local coffee scene in Toledo (Brew Coffee Bar being my favorite) and the mug itself is very sturdy for a cup of joe OR these hot chocolate nights that are quickly approaching.

Ashley, Auto Press Operator

The Great Lakes embroidered crew is my favorite because there's something special about having a warm sweatshirt. Even though I'm from the south, I LOVE the cool fall weather. Every summer I look forwarded to colder weather so that I can layer up.   

Even though I print a lot of different shirts on a daily basis, I look forward to printing our shirts the most. Our Tie-Dye Midwesterner shirt is one of my favorites. I love the soft, subtle print. I made shirt to sure to grab one immediately after they came out of the dryer!

Stephen, Retail

Up North. My favorite vacation place is Northern Michigan, specifically Charlevoix. I have so many great memories of vacations with family and this sweatshirt is a great reminder of all the good times we've had. 

I also really like the Midwesterner Embroidered Crew. I'm a Midwesterner born and raised but I did spend a year working on the West Coast. While that was a great experience, I always knew the Midwest was home and that I wanted to be back. This Midwesterner crew is great for any and every Midwesterner year round. 

I love our new TOL Felt Hat. I am a big hat and beanie fan, but the TOL felt has a unique look that grabs your attention. Definitely recommend this hat!

Lauren, Retail Operations Manager

The Midwest is Best Corded Cropped Crew is one of my favorite pieces to wear because it's equal parts comfy, fun, and cute. It's heavy enough to keep me warm during the Midwest fall and winter, and light enough to throw on during a spring or summer night. Most of all, it allows me to look and feel great while showing off my Midwest pride.

The TOL Script sweatpants are the softest pants I've ever owned. I really enjoy that I can be so comfortable while still looking put together in these stylish jogger sweatpants. 
The Ohio Script Crop Shirt fits like a dream. The subtle Ohio design let's you show off your state pride while still looking stylish.

Penny, Shop Dog and Retail Store Greeter 

Penny loves getting dressed up for the season, so our new Happy Howlidays bandana is her #1 choice. She also really likes when humans ask about her, so she recommends all dog owners to get the "Ask me about my dog" mug and t-shirt so that all fur babies get the attention they deserve! 


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