St. Francis de Sales Frozen Four State Hockey Tournament Shirts

by john amato

st. francis de sales hockey state tournament frozen four shirts


Congratulations to the St. Francis Knights on your victory over St. Ed's this weekend to become the 2021 State Hockey Champions! We had so much fun printing your final four t-shirts and cheering you on from Toledo this weekend!

It's been six years since they won it all and they did it in exciting fashion this year with a 2-1 win.

St. Francis has called on us to print custom hockey t-shirts for us when they reach the Frozen Four in the Ohio hockey state tournament for four years. They always have a talented team so it's fun to print shirts for them year after year. 

In 2020 they weren't able to play in the Frozen Four because the tournament was canceled because of COVID. 

They like working with us because we bring their design ideas to life from a sketch and work quickly on a tight turnaround to print shirts and deliver them before they head to Columbus for the games. When you work with a customer often, communication and expectations are more familiar. This leads to an easier ordering process and a more likely outcome of success.

Congrats to the Knights on winning the state title and making Toledo proud!

St. Francis 2022 Frozen Four Shirts

Toledo could not be more proud of the 2022 Saint Francis Knights hockey team. Their dominance continued this year as they reached the frozen four for the third straight year! 

Sfsknights Hockey Shirt

We had a lot of fun printing these shirts for the Knights again! here are some behind-the-scenes pictures of the shirts being made in our shop on Adams Street.

Sfsknights Hockey Shirt

It's fun to look back over the years and see all of the Frozen Four shirts we've printed for the Knights. They've become a powerhouse in Ohio hockey that heads to Columbus each year. 


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    Do you have any more of these frozen four t’s size M?

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