Thank You to Smashdawgz Food Truck

by john amato

Smashdawgz Toledo Food Truck
Smashdawgz food truck stopped by our Adams Street store for lunch today. For most of us here at Jupmode it was our first experience with their food truck. It was a treat for everyone. 

Smashdawgz participated in our Here for Good shirt program earlier this year. They stopped by as a thank you to us for providing a platform for them to sell shirts online during such a difficult time. While we didn't ask for them to thank us in any way, we really appreciate the gesture. 

Many times in business we forget that we are working with people just like us. The work we do with and for them has an impact on their lives, their employees, and their families. When we remember this personal connection we are more invested in local businesses and more involved with the personal connection with the businesses. 
People do good things for people that have done good for them. We appreciate the kindness that Smashdawgz paid to us and plan on paying it forward as much as we can. 


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