Show your Lake Love! (Lake Day Shirt and Tank Top)

by john amato

lake day shirt and tank top

You might be from the Midwest if you spend your summer weekends pining to go to the lake. From the Great Lakes to the Land of 10,000 Lakes to Michigan Water Wonderland, there is no doubt that fresh water lakes make the Midwest stand out as different from any other region in the USA.

And if you didn't grow up going to the lake or with a family cottage, chances are your best friend was the one who took you up with them. There's nothing better than a fun weekend on the water. 

Being from Toledo, we see it as our mission to bring you great apparel and gifts to show your pride in the Midwest. That's why we've made it our goal to bring your love of the lakes to life. 

Your favorite summer t-shirt is now available in a tank top! This unisex tank is ready to take you from the beach to the boat and anywhere in between! Gear up for all of your summer lake days now.

You can find these shirts in our stores and on our website as part of our Great Lakes collection.


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