Shirts I Like: Stately Mane

by John Amato

Stately Main Shirt

Being in the shirt business, we're pretty picky about the shirts we wear. When you have as many shirts lying around as we do it's just not necessary to buy a new one. Unless, that is, it's really cool. This shirt from local Toledo band, Stately Mane, is just that. I love the huge graphic, simple colors, and intricate design. It's perfect. In addition to the shirt, they just released a new CD which is packaged to perfection. Instead of a simple white CD sleeve like most local bands provide, they encased it in a brown paper lunch bag and printed the artwork directly on it. I love it. It's a perfect little way to add value to the disc. I bought it simply because of the case.

Stately Mane is a great band. They're currently on a three week tour extravaganza. Catch them when you can and check them out on Facebook. Ryan Bunch of the Arts Commissio nof Greater Toledo described them best:

...the rising quirky duo, Stately Mane. Rarely is there a band with such a literal moniker. These long-haired lads make no qualms about their love of old-timey folk music, grounded in the likes of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. Probably most importantly, they take into account the fun-loving fancy of those troubadours, often adorning silly and fun hats and clothes with plenty of comedic relief throughout the set. Train whistles, mountain dulcimers, harmonicas, kazoos and who knows what else are likely to make an appearance with their guitars and genuine American vocals.


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