4 Perks of Our Midwestern Shirt Clubs

by Molly Joyce

The Great Lakes, fantastic beer, warm people, Rock N’ Roll, and our Midwestern Shirt Clubs are some of the best things about the Midwest—that and cheese curds.

We get it. The push and pull of creating a winning t-shirt collection can be draining.

You want new, beautiful, thoughtfully created garments, but you have limited time to spend combing through sites for the perfect tee.

Enter our Midwestern Shirt Clubs to save the day—and your sanity.

Every month we deliver a special t-shirt of the month right to your doorstep, no hassle.

So, if you love the Midwest and good quality tees, our Midwestern Shirt Clubs are for you.

You might be wondering:

  • Does the membership get me the same high quality t-shirts Jupmode is known for?
  • What perks does my membership give me?
  • How flexible are the Shirt Clubs?

Let’s break down the perks you can expect from your Shirt Club membership.

1 - Retail Quality at Discounted Prices

Whether you’re a strict saver or a big spender, getting discounted prices and saving your hard earned cash is always welcome.

It’s an additional perk if you get the same high-quality product at a lower price.

That’s one bonus our Midwestern Shirt Club members appreciate immensely.

Shirt Club members save $6 a month on a t-shirt they would buy and love, anyway. That’s $72 a year that could go into your savings.

You still get the same ultra soft, breathable, tri-blend t-shirts available in our physical and online retail shops.

I have been a member of the Ohio T-shirt club for almost a year and have no plans to stop. Great quality and a good variety of designs. Great value too!
​​—Talia M. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐United States

Apart from the 25% discount every club member receives, you’ll find additional savings when you prepay your membership.

Here’s a table showing how much club membership saves you.

Membership Type Membership Discount on Retail Price Additional Discount with Prepaid Membership
Basic membership paid monthly 25% -
3-month membership 25% 5%
6-month membership 25% 10%
12-month membership 25% 20%

2 - New, Limited Edition Designs

brown Toledo t-shirt club December design available only for the month

No matter where we go, our love for the heartland holds strong—we can never seem to rep it enough. That love is what ‌pushed us to create the Ohio Shirt Club in early 2021, and that same love is what powers all our t-shirt clubs.

Ohio t-shirt club member shirt and first t-shirt

Each month, the design elves at our Adams Street location scour the archives of Midwestern culture and crank out a new t-shirt design that speaks to our souls.

Sometimes the t-shirt design is vintage, while other times it reminds us of pop culture gold. Sometimes it’s just bursting with loyal hometown spirit. But you can always count on it being amazing.

And, in the spirit of preserving amazing things, we send out each t-shirt design only once. When the month is over, the t-shirt of the month takes its place of honor on the wall, never to be sold again.

That’s the true definition of limited edition. If you spot your July tee walking around, you’ll both know the secret club membership you share. Nothing sinister.

ohio shirt club buckeye state shirt

What happens when you join?

You get a club member shirt right away. Thereafter, we ship our unique tee designs on the first of each month.

No two t-shirt clubs and no two monthly designs are the same.

Compare these 3 member shirts below that serve as the first month’s shirt.

Exclusive Member Shirt

Toledo Shirt Club member shirt

Toledo Shirt Club member shirt

Ohio Shirt Club member shirt

Ohio Shirt Club member shirt

Michigan Shirt Club member shirt

Michigan Shirt Club member shirt

Let’s mention an important caveat here.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to receive a particular month’s design, you can pause or cancel your membership for the month.

Better yet, you can gift that month’s t-shirt to a fellow hometown native you know who would love the design. It will add Midwestern warmth to their day.

The club membership is flexible, so there’s never any pressure. Whether you want to pay for several months in advance, change sizes, or skip a month, you can easily do so from your account page.

Check out our step by step guide on how to edit your Shirt Club account.

Remember: Any changes to your subscription, such as size change or pausing the membership, should be done before the 25th of the current month, before the next batch ships out.

michigander sthirts

3 - Access to Special Rates and Deals

Jupmode team having a laugh in the best midwestern merch

Name one person who doesn’t love a sale—we’ll wait …

As a member of our Ohio, Michigan, Toledo or Community Shirt Clubs, you’ll get free shipping on all your orders from jupmode.com.

That means the shipping costs for all your Heartland Love hats, hoodies, drinkware, and accessories are on us.

Including this ridiculously adorable tee for your tiny Michigander:

cute, punny Michigan toddler t-shirt

The shipping discount is automatically applied to your purchase provided you’re signed in as you browse and check out.

We see you dashing off to check out that pending cart, but wait, there’s more.

Where we come from, birthdays and holidays are just as special as our iconic state fairs.

We periodically have special deals on hometown birthdays, founding anniversaries and holidays. We offer exclusive early access to said deals to our Shirt Club members.

For example, Michiganders got a treat on January 26th, their state birthday, with an additional 10% off the already discounted club rate. That’s over 30% off retail price!

High-quality products, discounts, deals and exclusivity are great perks, but our community spirit is the icing on the cake.

4 - Opportunity to Give Back as You Shop

We want you to pop tags and feel good while you do it.

Our Shirt Club members get to contribute to a better world through our Community Shirt program.

The Toledo Community Shirt Club offers members a shirt every 2 months from the Community line of shirts.

While you save 20% on each shirt, we donate $5 from each shirt sale to a local charity or nonprofit organization, making a positive impact on the community.

Our partnerships with each of these organizations enable us (and you, by extension) to help them raise money to support their important missions.

Since 2019, our Community Shirt program has helped people live with dignity, improve their reading skills, create art, have access to support, and so much more. Now you get to be a part of that journey with us.

On top of that, the monthly t-shirt you receive is a tri-blend:

  • 25% Organic cotton—sustainable and eco-friendly
  • 50% Repreve recycled polyester—more eco-friendly and sustainable than virgin polyester
  • 25% Tencel modal—natural, biodegradable and sustainably produced

Our t-shirts are beautiful and they leave the environment a little better off by using up plastic bottles that would otherwise end up polluting our oceans and suffocating marine life.

If you’re committed to conscious shopping and making each buck count towards a better earth, then our club t-shirts will be the perfect fit for you.

testimonial from Tiffany J.

Jump on the Shirt Club Wagon

By joining any one of our Midwestern Shirt Clubs, you get to shop quality, limited edition tees, at discounted prices and get access to sitewide free shipping and other deals. Don’t forget about the social and environmental benefits either!

So what are you waiting for? We’d love to have you in one of our Midwestern Shirt Clubs.

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