4 Reasons Why Puff Screen Print Is Taking the Streetwear Scene by Storm

by John Amato

If you've been keeping an eye on the streetwear scene, you've probably noticed something exciting happening: puff ink prints are making a major comeback.

These prints are causing a buzz with their distinctive raised look, adding a whole new dimension to streetwear fashion.

Puff screen printed apparel is not your ordinary streetwear. These items are printed with a special 'puff ink'. This ink enhances traditional ink by adding a heat-reactive foaming agent. 

When heat is applied during the curing process, this ink expands and puffs up, giving your designs a three-dimensional (3D) effect.

The end result is a texture that adds depth and character to your streetwear and gives the prints that distinctive "puffy" appearance. 

As this trend gains momentum, more and more streetwear brands are jumping on the puff ink bandwagon, and it's no wonder why.

And if it's catching on in fashionable circles, it's only a matter of time before it makes sense to incorporate it with your company merch.

In today’s article, we'll explore four compelling reasons why puff screen print has become a force to be reckoned with in the streetwear scene. 

From its ability to create standout designs that make a statement to its tactile nature, you’ll learn:

  • The appeal of bold and eye-catching designs made possible with puff screen print.
  • The power of puff screen print in showcasing branding and logos.
  • The comfort, durability, versatility, and customization options offered by puff screen print in fashion.

So join us on this journey as we uncover the secrets behind the rise of puff screen print in streetwear fashion.

1 - It Produces Unique Textured Effects

Pburg Script Puff Sweatshirt

One of the hottest trends in fashion right now is puff screen print’s unique ability to create textured effects.

Puff screen print takes visual impact to a whole new level. It works its magic by using the puff ink, which creates a raised, embossed look after swelling from heat exposure.

These raised areas of the design catch the light in the most captivating way, creating a display of depth and complexity.

It's like adding a whole new dimension to your wardrobe, giving your outfits that coveted tactile quality that begs to be touched and admired.

Besides, streetwear isn't just about looking good; it's about feeling good too. 

With puff screen print, you get the best of both worlds. When you run your fingers over a puff print design, you'll feel the texture. It's an interactive experience that sets your clothing apart from the rest.

  • Want a subtle, understated texture? Apply a light touch of puff ink.
  • Craving something bolder and more attention-grabbing? Layer on that ink and watch your design come alive with a striking 3D effect.
Puff print is one of the most common requests we get. It's popular among high school and college student groups and retail boutiques across the country.

2 - You Can Achieve Bold and Eye-Catching Designs

Midwest Puff Crew Sweatshirt

Puff screen print offers a world of possibilities when it comes to creating bold and eye-catching designs in the apparel industry. 



Contrast is a powerful tool in design, and puff screen print maximizes its impact. 

The raised areas of the print create a natural contrast against the rest of the garment, making the design pop. This contrast enhances visibility and draws immediate attention to the graphic.

Whether it's a bold logo against a solid background or details highlighted against a contrasting color, puff screen print elevates any design.

Insider Tip: While puff screen printing creates incredible visual effects, it's also important to consider the garment's fabric type and color to truly maximize the impact of your design. Some colors and materials can enhance the puff effect more than others.

And as a designer in the clothing industry, our experience with screen printing gives us at Jupmode the expertise to guide you through your custom design project.

For example, it's important to note that because puff ink expands after it is printed, you cannot have thin lines or fine detail and expect puff ink to work.

Additionally, puff ink generally lightens up a shade or two from it's original color. So if you're going for black text, it's going to print a dark gray. Keep this in mind if you need to match specific brand colors.  

3 - It Ensures Maximum Comfort and Durability

lady wearing Ohio Pink Pigment Dyed Sweatshirt

When it comes to streetwear, comfort and durability are essential factors that can make or break your garment.

Streetwear is famous for thick, heavy garments. Whether they are t-shirts or sweatshirts, boxy styles are the look in streetwear. 

This heavy fabric is ideally suited to designs that are screen printed with puff ink. 

While a light, thin shirt may pucker with puff ink, a heavyweight tee or sweatshirt is going to hold it's shape. 

With its three-dimensional texture, puff screen print maintains its quality even after repeated wear and washes, making it a reliable choice for those seeking both style and durability.

    Generally, 100 percent cotton fabric makes an excellent choice for puff screen printing. It's a natural, breathable fabric that allows the ink to adhere effectively, producing the most vibrant colors and withstanding the added quality of puff ink.

    When it comes to selecting fabrics for our puff screen printed apparel and accessories at Jupmode, we always have your comfort and satisfaction in mind. 

    That's why we prioritize premium materials that feel soft against the skin and provide a comfortable fit. 

    This means you can wear your favorite puff screen printed garments and accessories for years, without worrying about them losing shape or fading.

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    4 - Enjoy Endless Versatility and Customization

    man wearing Toledo Puff Crew Sweatshirt

    Puff screen printing allows for endless possibilities when it comes to creating unique and personalized designs.

    That is the beauty of screen printing. We can help you take your design, with very few limitations, and put it on the garment of your choice. 


    Keep in mind, as mentioned above, that puff screen print is most effective when used with simple designs. 

    The ink used for puff screen printing contains a puff additive, which is a chemical that expands when exposed to heat, causing the ink to rise and create a raised effect on the fabric.

    In complex designs with fine details, the expansion of the ink may fill in fine lines, leading to less precise results and potential blurring of the design.

    This is why puff screen print works best for simple designs or logos with:

    • Rounded block letters
    • Numbers
    • Basic geometric shapes
    • Minimalistic graphics
    • Simple text logos

    When it comes to customization, puff screen print takes things to a whole new level. 

    It goes beyond simply choosing a design; it grants you the power to create unique effects and add personalized touches that make your prints stand out from the rest.

    Some of the unique effects include: 

    • Layered designs: With puff screen print, you have the ability to layer the ink, creating multi-dimensional effects. Each layer adds depth and visual interest, transforming your prints into true works of art.
    • Color variations: Puff screen print gives you the freedom to experiment with a wide range of color combinations to create bold contrasts, smooth gradients, tone-on-tone effects, or even subtle shading effects.
    • Custom patterns: With puff screen print, you can experiment with unique custom patterns and textures that give your prints a distinct and personalized look. From intricate geometric designs to organic motifs, the possibilities are endless.

    Now, let's take a moment to compare puff screen printing with traditional printing methods. Understanding these differences can provide a clearer perspective on why puff screen printing is the choice for many fashion-forward individuals and brands.

    Puff screen print is not just for brands. It's also a medium for individual expression.

    Whether you're a streetwear enthusiast, an artist, or simply a Midwesterner who wants to showcase your creativity, puff screen print gives you the freedom to personalize your garments and make a statement.

    At Jupmode, we offer a wide range of customizable options for puff screen printing. From choosing the garment type, colors, and design elements to selecting the placement of the puff print, you have the freedom to bring your creative vision to life.

    Our experienced team of designers and technicians will ensure that your customization needs are met with precision and attention to detail.

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    Embrace the Trend and Elevate Your Style With Jupmode's Puff Screen Printed Apparel

    Jupmode crew wearing branded puff print sweatshirts

    In the ever-evolving world of custom branded merch, staying ahead of the curve is crucial.

    Puff screen print has emerged as a powerful trend that can elevate your brand.

    With its unique ability to add depth, texture, and a tactile quality to designs, it has become the go-to choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

    At Jupmode, we understand the power of puff screen print and its ability to transform your fashion choices.

    With our expertise in this screen printing, we’ve witnessed firsthand the impact it can have on brands and individuals who want to make a statement.

    Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures that each piece of puff screen printed apparel is crafted to perfection.

    We collaborate closely with you to bring your vision to life, providing a personalized experience that results in a garment that truly represents your unique style and personality.

    So why blend in when you can stand out? Embrace the power of puff screen print and express your individuality with Jupmode's puff screen printed apparel and accessories today.

    Take a virtual tour of Jupmode’s store and production facility in the video below.


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