Employee Gifts: A Toledo Business Essential

by Molly Joyce

As you know, promotional gifts are a cost effective, easy way to share your brand. However, the real value in promotional gifts is the impact it can have on your relationship with employees and customers.

A gift can strengthen your connection and create a sense of loyalty to customers you have an established relationship with. Additionally, these giveaways can be a great way for you and your business to create long-term brand exposure.

How do we know this works? We’ve done it.

People look forward to receiving gifts and the end of the year is prime gift giving season. We have made a tradition of sending ornaments to customers, vendors and employees at the end of each year.

As our relationships with our customers grew, we knew we needed to show our appreciation for their support.

5 years ago, we decided we wanted to use the holiday season as a time to show gratitude towards our customers. After considering options, we decided we wanted to gift ornaments as they had been one of the most popular gift items in our retail line.

The ornaments we gift are Jūpmode branded on the back, but more importantly, the front all have a common Toledo theme. From “You will do better in Toledo” to the famous “Christmas Weed,” we have tried to create designs that are relatable to all Toledoans. Our customers and vendors know that Toledo has been a big factor in defining who we are, and these designs have worked well as our brand is so closely tied with Toledo.

Over the years it has been fun to hear from people who have collected multiple ornaments from us and look forward to the new release.

Are you in need of gift ideas for customers, vendors or employees?

From ornaments to calendars to embroidered options we can help you. 

It’s never too early to figure out your end of the year and employee gifts. Get your process started here.


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