How to Perfectly Pair Your Ohio Shirt at the Next Football Game

by John Amato

If you live in Ohio, it's hard to escape Buckeye fans and the excitement of football Saturdays. I mean, what's not to love about gamedays in Columbus? From all of the excitement on Lane and High to the tailgates around the Shoe to the success of team, it's hard to beat Ohio State football.

Our t-shirt foundation is planted firmly in Ohio State football. The first shirt I ever made was the Ohio State Sweater Vest T-Shirt - a shirt designed to look like you were wearing a shirt and tie like Coach Tressel always did on the sidelines during games. 

My first shirt sales were while set up before football games on Lane Avenue. I packed a bunch of shirts up and set up a table in front of the 7-Eleven.

It was my first exposure to Ohio State football games and it was a blast!

While we don't sell officially licensed Ohio State clothing anymore, we still have a great line of Ohio apparel that is perfect for football games in Columbus or watching them at home with family. 

While you may want to wear something comfortable and stylish, finding a classic outfit to pair with your Ohio Shirt can be daunting. 

To help you out, we’ve brainstormed some ideas to help you perfectly pair your Ohio shirt. You’ll also learn:

  • How to choose the best garment color that complements your Ohio shirt
  • How to find perfect layering when going to a football game
  • Best casual clothes to pair with your Ohio shirt
  • How a hat can help accentuate your outfit when going to a football game

What Is an Ohio Shirt?

If you've been to an Ohio State football game, you know there is basically a dress code of official football jerseys. You can't go near the stadium or a bar with the game on without seeing someone in a red or white OSU jerseys. It's quite remarkable. 

But you don't need to wear a jersey to be a superfan. 

If you’re from Ohio, you want to take pride in coming from the Buckeye State. You also want to show support to your favorite football team by wearing a shirt that proves you’re a big fan.

Enter our graphic Ohio shirts. These tees are Ohio themed and printed on comfy material. Often vintage inspired, our shirts are meant for fans that are looking for something a little more fashionable to wear to the games. 

1 - The Importance of Colors

When you go to a football game to support your favorite team, matching your Ohio Shirt is important. And we know that at Ohio State, colors are important. 

The Ohio State Buckeyes have always been known for their Scarlet and Gray. In addition to these two colors, white and black feature prominently in their team uniforms.  

One comment that we hear is that we have a lot of gray shirts. While we love gray because it goes well with almost any outfit and is an easy color to design on, it's also one of OSU's primary colors.  

When it comes to Ohio State t-shirts, we've gone heavy on the red and gray. Looking through our Ohio collection, you'll see that. At the end of the day, if you're a Buckeyes fan and searching for the right look on gameday, you're going to end up in one of these colors. 

red Ohio Shirt

Spoiler alert: Here at Jupmode, we don’t limit the color of our Ohio Shirts. From black to gray to red to pink you can find them all in our collection. Shop for the Ohio Shirt in your favorite color right from our website.


2 - Find Something Comfortable and Casual

On gamedays in Columbus, you know that they weather can go from hot and sunny to cool pretty quickly - especially for late afternoon and night games. It is the Midwest after all, and who knows how to predict that weather!

Sweatpants and hoodies are always in style in Ohio. Not only are they comfortable and pair well with any Ohio t-shirt, but they are perfect for the changing Ohio weather. 

Ohio embroidered sweatpants

On a cold football game night, it's important to also keep a winter hat nearby. The weather drops as the sun goes down and the lights come on. A comfy beanie will keep your head warm and you looking stylish. 

3 - Top Your Outfit With an Ohio Hat or Beanie

Ohio smiley hat


No outfit is truly complete without the right hat to top it off. From bucket hats to dad caps to mesh backed truckers, we've got all of the styles covered for you. 

Our Ohio hats are perfect no matter what weather Ohio brings you. And we know that changes often. 

Looking for something that reminds you of how happy Ohio makes you? Check out the Ohio Smiley hat pictured above. Interested in a hat that you can wear while exploring or camping in Ohio? Our Ohio Patch Hat is pefect for that. Need something warm to wear on gamedays? Try our embroidered Ohio Beanie.

At Jupmode, we have a variety of hats that you can choose from. The hats are unisex and have an adjustable strap and slide closure to ensure that it fits your head without sliding off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for when buying an Ohio Shirt?

The most important thing to look for when buying an Ohio Shirt is the quality of the design. Good Ohio Shirts are unique, inspiring, hand illustrated, and printed with care.

At Jupmode, all of our shirt graphics are created in-house by designers who start with a sketch 

Cotton is usually an ideal material for both summers and winter. Usually, thin cotton shirts are more breathable and when thickened they can help conserve more heat during cold days or nights.

Polyester is the best for hot summers since they are breathable and resistant to moisture. If you want a shirt with a more fancy fabric, then rayon is an outstanding material that's soft and super comfortable.

The other thing is making sure that your Ohio Shirt fits your body type—that means finding a style that fits your shoulders and chest.

What is the Ohio Shirt Club?

At Jupmode, we know that Ohio State football fans are always looking for a fun new shirt to wear to games. We created the Ohio Shirt Club to provide comfortable, creative, and affordable shirts for people who love the Buckeye State. 

A club membership guarantees you a new Ohio-themed shirt every month that's exclusive only to club members. But that's not all; membership also earns you a few cool perks, including:

  • A discounted price of $18 for the club shirts
  • Free shipping on all your Jupmode orders
  • A unique Ohio-themed shirt every month
  • No contract or cancellation penalties

Sign up today and show off your Ohio State pride with a comfy, stylish new shirt every month.

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