Paczki Time Shirt (New Polish Shirt)

by Molly Joyce

If you're Polish, you were born to wear white and red shirts. Our new Paczki Time shirt is a tribute to one of our favorite Polish traditions. 

Maybe your family tradition dictates you make Paczki from scratch. Or maybe  you like to try all varieties and get them from your favorite local bakeries.

No matter where you get them, when Fat Tuesday rolls around, it's Paczki time!

Paczki Time Shirt

Paczki Time Shirt

One of our favorite Polish traditions is having a Paczki on Fat Tuesday.

This tradition first started because people in Poland wanted to use all of their food before it would spoil during lent. They'd make donuts with all of their eggs, butter, sugar, and fruit and have one last treat! Now people all over line up on "Paczki Day" to get this yummy dessert. 

We've had a lot of fun creating designs that celebrate the unique history and culture of the Midwest. While the Midwest alone can't claim paczki, we do think Polish communities make Midwest cities better. 

Celebrate this fun Polish tradition by picking up one of these sweet on our website or our Toledo stores.


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