Ope! Shirt and Hat

by Molly Joyce

Ope! Have you said this "word"? If you have, you're either a true Midwesterner or someone who spends way too much time with Midwesterners! 

You won't find Ope! in the Oxford English Dictionary. However, you will hear it said in all of the 12 states that make up the Midwest. The exact origins of Midwesterners using Ope! are unknown. The main theory is that it came from people saying "Oops" and shorting it to "Ope" and then Midwest ran with it.

Check out these short and funny YouTube videos made by true Midwesterners called School Of Ope and Stuck in an "Ope Off"

How Midwesterners Use Ope! 

Ope! My bad!

Ope! So sorry, excuse me!

Ope! Would you look at the time? We've gotta scoot!

Ope! Sneak Right past ya!

Ope! didn't see you there!

Show your Midwest pride by embracing Ope! with these new releases from Jupmode!

Ope! Shirt 

Ope! Shirt

Ope! I love your shirt

This Ope! Shirt will catch the kind eyes of Midwesterners everywhere. This unisex ultra-soft tri-blend t-shirt is a great way to show your Midwest pride.  

Ope! Denim Hat

Ope! Denim Hat

What's more Midwest than denim.

Enjoy both of these great things in one with the hat. This black denim hat with white embroidery and an adjustable strap is perfect for any Midwesterner. 

Bring the excitement everywhere you go with this Ope Hat

Ope! Socks

Ope! Bright Socks

These are the socks that every Midwesterner needs! 

These white striped socks will keep your feet warm in the cold Midwest winters. They will also make any pair of shoes pop in the summer. Wear your Midwest roots from head to toe with these Ope Socks!

Thanks for reading and Ope! I almost forgot to tell you to check out the rest of the Jupmode Midwesterner clothing collection on our website!


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