Oliver Hazard Concert at Fifth Third Field

by john amato

Oliver Hazard Concert at Fifth Third Field

In case you missed it, Oliver Hazard played the first ever concert at Fifth Third Field on Thursday night. It was an exciting outdoor event on a beautiful night. 
The concert was a unique event. Not only was it the first time a band has played on the Mud Hens' field, it was a socially distant concert. That means that people were spaced out on the field to ensure health and safety among concert goers. 
This year has been a tough one. Large events aren't easy to put together and do right. The Mud Hens and Oliver Hazard brought a much needed fun night to a lot of people by collaborating on this this event.  
We always think it's really cool when local people support each other. For the Mud Hens to open their field for a concert to a local band shows how Toledo supports local artists. We raise all ships when we give other local people a platform to showcase their talents.
In addition to the great music and venue for the concert, we were thrilled to see Mike from Oliver Hazard wearing our Toledo Votes t-shirt on stage last night. We, at Jupmode, have always been fans of Oliver Hazard. It's super cool when we get to print shirts for them and when they wear our designs.


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