New release: Ohio and Midwest Camo Shirts and Hoodies

by john amato

One of our most popular new releases this year was our Toledo Camo shirt. We know we loved the vintage camo shirt we printed on, but were still caught by surprise with the response.

Everyone loved it so much that we decided to expand our line of camo clothing. Camo is super trendy and versatile right now. 

As of today, we now have designs for Toledo, the 419, Ohio, and the Midwest on camo styles. Check out our new releases below.

Why blend in when Midwesterners were born to stand out? Cozy up in classic camo this season while showing off your Midwest Pride. 

camo t-shirt and hoodie that says midwest

No need to hide your love for Ohio! These classic camo releases are sure to become your new go-tos this holiday season. 

 ohio camo shirt and hoodie

You can find all of our camo clothing on our website and in our retail stores in Toledo.


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