Office Anthony Dia Memorial Shirt

by John Amato

We've received a lot of requests about creating a shirt to honor the memory and support the family of Officer Anthony Dia. This shirt was created in memory of him and his final words, "Tell my family I love them." 

We decided to make this shirt after his family reached out to us directly. It is our hope that this shirt can provide moral and emotional support to his family during this time and remind them that he made a positive impact on so many people. 

This shirt is available to order online and in our stores at Cricket West and Adams Street. 

Proceeds from the sale of this shirt directly benefit the Dia family.


  • Comment Author: Terri

    I was wondering I seen the shirt you had made up for officer Dia, I was wondering I seen one in the news that there was one with an angle on the back and it looked like maybe a picture of him I’m not quite sure, the one that you have on your site now is that all you have? Sorry to be asking all the questions . Thank you have a good day

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