Mitchell Heard Toledo Hockey Shirt

by Molly Joyce

Mitchell Heard Shirt

T-Town Hockey

The opportunity to work with Mitchell to make a shirt with him was a spontaneous one. It actually came about because of Twitter. 

Needless to say, we were really excited when we were connected and the decision to partner with him to make a Toledo Hockey shirt was an easy one. We love Toledo Walleye Hockey, they're having a great year, Mitchell is a huge part of that, and we make t-shirts. It was a perfect match! 

We've always said that Toledo is a hockey town. From our history with the Goaldiggers and Storm to our love for the Walleye, great Toledo hockey spans decades. And Toledo people are proud of their hockey teams.

Over the years we've released Toledo hockey apparel that celebrate the history of the sport in Toledo and have been fortunate enough to partner with the Toledo Walleye on printing clothing for fans. 

It doesn't matter if you live for the memories of the Sports Arena or grew up at the Huntington Center, we're proud to be connected to both parts of Toledo history. 


"Heard That" Celebration T-Shirt

Heard That Celabration

If you've seen the Toledo Walleye play this year you might have seen #13 Mitchell Heard playing. And odds are you saw his signature "heard that" move in celebration after a big play!

For those that haven't seen the fan-favorite in action yet, check out this great video by WTOL about Toledo Walleye player, Mitchell Heard.

The Heard That Mitchell Heard shirt is a limited release. Shirts are available as a pre-sale which ends on March 25th. 

Mitchell prides himself on his work ethic and survival mode mentality. He plays with his heart on his sleeve and with a must-win mindset. His hunger and passion push him through tough times, and his heart takes him to the end. His love for the game is never-ending, but if you ask him what's the glue that holds it all together is, he'll tell you it's having FUN. 

Proceeds from this limited edition Mitchell Heard shirt sale will go to the Family and Child Abuse Prevention Center. They strive to make every home a safe home.

Get this Mitchell Heard Shirt to wear at your next Walleye game!

New Mitchell Heard Clothing!

Heard That! Shirt & Hoodie

Earlier this year, we partnered up with Mitchell to create a limited edition "Heard That" t-shirt. Now, we've extended his line to include a brand new t-shirt and sweatshirt. Pick up this "Heard That" clothing to support Mitchell's and the rest of the Walleye in there pursuit of the Kelley Cup. 

This shirt and hoodie are pre-sale only. The pre-sale ends on May 15th. Shirts will be printed and shipped within two weeks of the end date. Proceeds from this limited edition Mitchell Heard shirt sale will still go to the Family and Child Abuse Prevention Center.


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    Hi I am looking for Champion t shirts and goal digger t shirts. Any plans for production?

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