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New Midwest Tie Dye Shirts

New Midwest Tie Dye Shirts

ohio tie dye shirt

Add a pop of color to your fall wardrobe!

If you've been looking for a new companion to our pigment dyed crew sweatshirts, here it is. Our super soft tie dyed tees are bold shirts with subtle tone-on-tone prints that give you a new way to show your pride.

Our Midwesterner pigment dyed crew sweatshirt has been a hit for us this summer. If you're new to Jupmode, you may have found us through this crew and Olivia Rink, who tagged us while wearing it on Instagram. The simple, understated, tone-on-tone design pairs perfectly with the comfy, oversized sweatshirt.

Midwesterner Tie Dye Shirt

We wanted to bring this same design aesthetic to you in t-shirt form. That's why we paired similar prints on these soft, vintage tie dye shirts. 

Which do you identify with most, Midwesterner, Toledoan, or Ohioan?! These new tie dye shirts are available on our website and available in both of our Toledo stores.

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