Midwest Culture Shirts

by John Amato

Are you proud of your Midwest roots? Yeah, you should be. 

Midwest Culture is what made us. It's our family, our heritage, and all we know. 

Our shirts pay tribute to what makes us proud to be Midwestern. Some of our favorite Midwestism are:

  • Ranch
  • Corn
  • Ope!
  • The Midwestern Goodbye

Just Add Ranch Shirt

ranch shirt

You're at your family gathering and the food isn't great? Just add ranch.

The food tastes amazing? Just add ranch and make it even better.

Here's a short list of food that tastes better with ranch:

  • Salad
  • Pizza
  • Chicken wings
  • Pretty much everything

Ranch is the go to condiment in the Midwest and we're proud of it. 

Corn Shirt

corn shirt

Oh man, when that corn kid blew up on Tiktok corn officially became the vegetable of the year in 2022.

And what isn't to love about corn?!

  • It has the juice
  • It's a big lump with knobs
  • Everything changes with butter
  • It's a beautiful thing

When you're a t-shirt maker you have a responsibility to make fun shirts that make people happy whether they are best sellers or not. Our corn shirts are just that for us. 

We've been brainstorming and printing corn shirts for a while and this gold corn shirt is our newest look. 

No, Yeah, For Sure Shirt

no yeah for sure shirt

Do you say "No, Yeah, For Sure" or "Yeah, No, For Sure"?

If you're from the Midwest, you're probably guilty of saying both. If you aren't, I'm sure you've heard it from your Midwest friends. 

We're more fond of the positive spin on the Midwestism, No, Yeah, For Sure! and turned it into this soft shirt.

Ope! Shirt

ope shirt and hat

Ope! Have you said this word? If you have, you're either a Midwesterner or someone who spends a lot of time with Midwesterners! 

Common uses for the word Ope:

  • Ope! My bad! 
  • Ope! So sorry, excuse me! 
  • Ope! Would you look at the time. We've gotta scoot! 

Complete the Ope collection with:

Midwest Goodbye Shirt

midwest goodbye shirt

If you live in the Midwest it means half your month has been spent saying goodbye after gatherings to fellow Midwesterners.

It goes something like:

"Welp, gotta get goin'. Hey, by the way, how's Susan doing? Okay, really gotta scoot this time. Let's hug, and then chat a little more about the weather, and then hug again at the car. Oh, wait did you hear about Carl? Ope, it sure is late, gotta go! One more hug! Make sure you stand outside and wave until I've reached the end of the street!"

Commemorate the moment with this Midwestern Goodbye Shirt.

Pro Tip: How to Pull off the Perfect Midwestern Goodbye: 9 Simple Steps

Hearty Like a Casserole Shirt

casserole shirt

If you grew up in the Midwest, you were either lucky enough to grow up in the family that had a minimum of four casseroles at every family holiday or be best friends with that family. 

My best friend was in one of those families. 

Maybe he was my best friend because we had shared interests and got along so well. Or maybe it was because his mom always had a spare casserole or two in the fridge for me. 

Nothing brings a family together like a hearty casserole

Buckeye Candy Shirt

buckeye candy shirt

If you're not from Ohio, you might wonder what this delicious peanut butter and chocolate treat is. For those fortunate enough to be Ohioans, this is a staple at every good party and a true mark of pride for your home state. 

This #1 Buckeye Fan shirt is for when you want to fit in while watching the Buckeyes, but mostly you just want to show your appreciation for your favorite Ohio inspired dessert. 

Show that true Midwest hospitality and bring the buckeyes to the next game watch.

Shop Midwest Shirts

There's something special about calling the Midwest home. 

From the people to the traditions to the culture. 

Celebrate and stay connected to your Midwest roots wth our Midwest collection of shirts and gifts

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