Vintage Inspired Michigan Shirts

by John Amato

When you live in Toledo, the state of Michigan looms large. After all, Toledo was a part of Michigan at one point and Michigan and Ohio fought a war over ownership of Toledo!

In the early days of Jupmode, we had an apparel license with the University of Michigan. While we no longer maintain that license, our appreciation and attachment to the Mitten State hasn't wavered.  

If you're looking for a soft, comfy shirt to show your pride in your home state of Michigan, you've come to the right place.

Our vintage inspired designs are full of nostalgia and gratitude for all Michigan has to offer. From the Lakes to the outdoors to the Motor City and Up North, there's a lot to love about Michigan.   

Here are some of our favorite Michigan shirts. You can see our entire collection of Michigan clothing on our website.

Go Blue or Go Home Shirt  

One of our oldest Michigan shirts is still our most popular. 

Wolverine fans take their team seriously. 

And if you're not cheering for Michigan Blue on Saturdays, you better watch out. 

There is no bigger rilvary in college football than when Michigan plays Ohio State. Send fans of that team down south back home with this shirt that proudly states, "Go Blue or Go Home!"

Superman Ice Cream Shirt

superman ice cream shirt

Did you know that Michigan is home to superman ice cream?

There’s nothing better than enjoying the warm, Michigan summers with an ice cream cone in hand.

Celebrate your connection to the state of Michigan and this ice cream flavor which is as unique as your home state.

Hail Yes Shirt

hail yes shirt

We all know that famous cheer coming from the Big House on weekends in the fall. 

Whether you're near Ann Arbor or far, relive your favorite gameday memories and show your pride for the Victors in this vintage Michigan triblend tee.

Ann Arbor Michigan Shirt

ann arbor michigan shirt

We like to think of Ann Arbor as Toledo's hip BFF up north.

Whether you're heading to a game at the Big House, checking out one of their art fairs, treating yourself to some food at Zingerman's, or enjoying that outdoor lifestyle at one of their many parks, Ann Arbor is a great place to be. 

Show your love for "Tree Town" in this Ann Arbor Shirt.

Toledo Michigan Shirt

toledo michigan shirt

As a Toledoan, have you ever felt like more of a Michigander than Ohioan?!

When Toledo was founded in 1833 it was initially part of Michigan, until Ohio won it during the Toledo War making it a city in the state of Ohio in 1837.

If you’re a Toledoan who wishes you were still a Michigander or proud of Michigan for getting the UP, this shirt was made for you.

Up North Shirt

up north michigan shirt

Do you spend most of your week dreaming of heading Up North? We get it! 

It's pretty hard to find a better view from all of the natural beauty in Northern Michigan. From the woods to the lakes you can find the ultimate outdoorsy fun in Michigan.

Whether you're going up North soon or love it so much you can't wait to go back, this Up North shirt is the perfect way to feel close to your favorite place. 

Lake Michigan Shirt

lake michigan shirt

If you're a lover of the Great Lakes and the wonderful state of Michigan, then you're always on the lookout for something new to show that love. This shirt is for the people that know some of the greatest memories are ones filled with summer trips to cottages, vacation towns, and the refreshing lakes.

We probably don't need to tell you, but it doesn't hurt to remind a lake lover to  make sure to add Lake Michigan as one of your spots to hit this summer!

Out of the 11,000 lakes that Michigan has, Lake Michigan has views, local spots, and beaches that are second to none. 

P.S. Did you know that the largest freshwater sand dunes are home to Lake Michigan? Or that it has its own 'Bermuda Triangle?' 

Fresh Coast Shirt

Three things we know for sure:

1. Summertime in Northern Michigan is like no other.

2. The Fresh Coast is the best coast.

3. This t-shirt will transport you to your favorite place so you can enjoy your summer in Michigan style!

Ok, so we can't literally transport you to the shores of the Great Lakes, but this Michigan shirt is here to keep that summer feeling alive all year long!

Michigander Shirt

michigander shirt

We've got your vintage Michigan t-shirt fix right here with our new Michigander tee. Printed on a soft, light blue shirt with navy ink, this simple, stylish shirt is ready for your next trip up north.

Do you use your hand as a map? Do you think that lakes are better than oceans? Do you love superman ice cream, craft beer, and euchre?

Then there is only one place you can be from - Michigan!

Show off your Michigander pride today and every day with this Michigander t-shirt! 

Michigan Shirt Club

michigan shirt club

Do you love the state of Michigan? Do you love soft shirts? Do you like to save your money? 

Then the Michigan Shirt Club is for you.

Each month the Michigan Shirt Club delivers a unique, limited edition shirt to your door. 

You can't get it anywhere or any time else and you'll always get a discount and free shipping on these shirts. 

The Michigan Shirt Club is great for you or as a gift for someone you love!

Sign up today!

Where Can I Buy Michigan Shirts

From a cookout on the beach, the building castles in the sand dunes, to enjoying the sunset reflect on the water, share all the Michigan love with these shirts from Jupmode. 

We have a lot of pride for the state of Michigan. Even though we're in Ohio, we  are just across the border and spent our summer heading up north and going to the lakes. 

You can find our Michigan shirts in stores or online! 


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