Men’s Ohio Shirts: 8 Classic Options to Rep the Buckeye State

by Molly Joyce

If you're searching for the best shirt to represent our great state, you've come to the right place.

Being an Ohio-based business with proud Ohioans on staff, we welcome every opportunity to celebrate the Buckeye State. 

Over the years, we've come up with a few shirt designs that are perfect for showing your Buckeye State pride and celebrating everything that makes Ohio so magical. 

Today we’ll look at our selection of Buckeye State tees that:

  • Celebrate Ohio's rich history
  • Show off Ohio’s unique beauty
  • Bring you some Ohioan luck

bring you some ohioan luck

1 - Ohio Is Home Long Sleeve Shirt

Ohio is Home Long Sleeve Shirt by Jupmode

Whether you've only lived in Ohio briefly or been a lifelong Ohioan, you know that it always feels like home.

But having lived in Ohio, you also know that once the sun sinks below the horizon, temperatures can quickly drop, especially in spring or fall. 

This long sleeve Ohio shirt is exactly what you need for such situations. Its poly, cotton, and rayon tri-blend fabric makes it ultra-soft and perfect for evenings that can catch you out with a sudden chill.

Show off your Buckeye State pride and stay cozy with the Ohio is Home Long Sleeve Shirt.

“So soft and comfy. This became an instant favorite.”

- Cate P. | ★★★★★

2 - The Buckeye State Shirt

the buckeye state vintage shirt

This vintage Ohio shirt is our classic fan-favorite design.  

The heathered black triblend shirt is super soft and comfy. Printed with soft inks in an Old English font, this retro design highlights the colors of Ohio's favorite football team and is great for Buckeye fans of all ages. 

If you're like most Ohioans, you find pride in our quirky yet beloved moniker, "The Buckeye State". Whether you connect it to the tree or the candy, it's always fun to hear people's reactions when they see it. 

Relive the good ol’ days with this classic Ohio tee, and show your Buckeye State pride with our Buckeye State Shirt.

3 - Beautiful Ohio Shirt

vintage Beautiful Ohio Shirt by Jupmode

The Beautiful Ohio shirt is a stylish and incredibly comfortable addition to any proud Ohioan's closet, featuring an ultra-soft unisex fit with our signature tri-blend heather fabric. 

The Beautiful Ohio slogan on the shirt is an apt summation of why we love our great state. There's no shortage of beauty in Ohio, from the beautiful lakes to the sprawling forests, enchanting trails, and breathtaking landscapes.

This sentiment is so aptly captured in our state song, also by the same name, Beautiful Ohio—and it’s these very feelings the Beautiful Ohio Shirt embodies. 

Step out in style and show off your love for the Buckeye State with this classic shirt.

4 - Ohioan Arched Shirt

maroon Ohioan Shirt by Jupmode

Our Ohioan Collection is for people who love the Buckeye State through and through and are not shy about showing it, and this beautiful tri-blend Ohioan Shirt does just that. 

It's a fashionable addition to your closet that's comfortable and the perfect tool to express your pride and love for our great state. 

Grab yourself the Ohioan Shirt and show off your Ohio pride wherever you go.

“...Got a lot of compliments… Love everything I purchase from Jupmode.”

- Patrice P. | ★★★★★

Here are a few other favorites from our Ohioan Collection:

pink embroidered sweatshirt by Jupmode

Ohioan Embroidered Sweatshirt

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black embroidered sweatshirt by Jupmode

Ohioan Arched Crew Sweatshirt

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Ohioan branded tie dye shirt by Jupmode

Ohioan Tie Dye

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5 - Big Ohio Shirt

Big Ohio print shirt from Jupmode

The Big Ohio Shirt is a wardrobe essential for any die-hard Buckeye State fan. It features Ohio's state colors—gray and scarlet—screen printed into a bold “Ohio” print, perfect for showing your home state pride. 

The shirt features Jupmode’s signature ultra-soft tri-blend fabric with a classic unisex fit that makes it ideal for everyday wear. 

The simple design makes the shirt easy to style and pair with almost any outfit—another feature that makes it a must-have in your arsenal of Ohio-themed apparel. 

Grab this stunning Big Ohio Shirt and represent the Buckeye State in style no matter the occasion.

6 - Ohio Shoot for the Moon Shirt

Ohio Shoot for the Moon Shirt by Jupmode

The Buckeye State has a rich history full of incredible facts. One of our proudest is that Ohio is credited with 78 space flights and three trips to the moon!

Additionally, Ohio has been home to no less than 25 astronauts, including none other than Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, and John Glenn, the third American on the moon. 

Given Ohio's rich astronautic history, we felt it only right to celebrate it with the classic vintage-inspired Shoot for the Moon Shirt.

No matter the occasion, whether simply running errands or chilling at the park, show off your Buckeye State pride and share a tidbit of our State’s rich history with this ultra-soft and cozy Shoot for the Moon Shirt.

7 - Lucky to Be From Ohio Shirt

Lucky to Be From Ohio Shirt by Jupmode

Do you consider yourself lucky to be from the Buckeye State? We do—and every day we get to show Ohio some love is a treat!

As such, we designed the Lucky to Be From Ohio Shirt to celebrate our good fortune and show off our Buckeye State Love. 

But beyond the good luck we believe this shirt brings and represents, the Lucky to Be From Ohio Shirt also features our ultra-soft tri-blend heather fabric and a forest green color guaranteed to go well with almost anything in your closet. 

This way, no matter the day or event, you can confidently show your Ohio pride. 

Grab yourself the Lucky to Be From Ohio Shirt today for good luck and show some Buckeye State love in style.

8 - Ohio Is the Greatest Shirt

Ohio is the Greatest Shirt by Jupmode

We've said it before, and we'll say it again, Ohio is the best State in the United States. As an Ohioan, you probably know this already. Now with the  Ohio is the Greatest Shirt, the world will know. 

But this isn't just the typical Ohio-themed shirt; we wanted to make it special, so we included all Ohio's state colors—scarlet and gray in print. 

Additionally, we wanted to ensure that this shirt was comfortable and ideal in every situation where you'd need to show Ohio pride. 

To that end, we fashioned this tee using our signature tri-blend heather fabric for added comfort. That way, you're always cozy and can proudly wear our great state's name with the Ohio is the Greatest Shirt.

"Jupmode is simply the best! They may be a small business here in town, but they are big in heart."

- Deborah M. | ★★★★★

Join Our Ohio Fans Shirt Club

At Jupmode, we know the Buckeye State is held near and dear to so many Ohioans, us included. So we created the Ohio Shirt Club to provide comfortable, creative, and affordable shirts for people who love the Buckeye State. 

A club membership guarantees you a new Ohio-themed shirt every month that's exclusive only to club members. But that's not all; membership also earns you a few cool perks, including:

  • A discounted price of $18 for the club shirts
  • Free shipping on all your Jupmode orders
  • A unique Ohio-themed shirt every month
  • No contract or cancellation penalties

The Ohio Shirt Club membership can be gifted, so if you know a fellow Ohioan who’d love to show their Buckeye State love, this can be the perfect gift for them.

Sign up today and show off your Buckeye State pride with a stunning new shirt every month.

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