Employee Intro: Meet Roger and Victor!

by Molly Joyce

We love our Jūpcrew and like to highlight them whenever we get the chance.

Here we have the Dynamic Duo: Roger and Victor. Not only are they classmates from Ottawa Hills High School and often working the same shifts, but everyone here at Jupmode can count on them for a smile and the best jokes.

Roger and Victor in Pocket T-shirts

Roger (left) with Victor (right)

Roger and Victor are so much fun to have at Jūpmode. They make the best coworkers, friends, and most importantly, models.

You'll find these two working in the retail stores, both Cricket West and Adams Street. If you're lucky, they might have helped you find items or checked you out while you were shopping!

Their superpowers are to make customers smile and make sure they have the best shopping experience possible. 

Meet Roger

Roger in I'm from Ohio Pocket T-shirt

Roger has been with Jūpmode for a little over a year now. He's a full-time student, so he works mainly at Cricket West. He loves seeing everyone that visits him on the weekend! If you ever get the chance, make sure to stop into Cricket West and say hi to Roger.

He enjoys helping customers finding what they're looking for and striking up a conversation to make the shopping experience even better.

If you love sports or the stock market, then you'd love to talk to Roger. He also loves to spend his time outdoors and hanging out with friends.

An interesting tidbit about Roger is that he was born in New York! Fun fact about Roger, this is his first photo shoot with Jūpmode! Isn't that crazy? It's almost like he was meant to be a JūpModel.

Meet Victor

Victor in TOL-EDO short sleeve

Victor, being one of the youngest members of the Jūpcrew, is one of the members that has been here the longest. Since the summer of 2018, Victor has been helping out with almost everything since he joined the crew.

From cutting the grass, to being the designated Penny walker, to organizing ink back in production, it's hard to say what Victor hasn't done. This summer, he's spent most of his time in the retail stores.

If you love talking about your pets, then make sure to stop in and tell him about them! (Bonus points if you show him pictures)

Victor just recently graduated from high school and is heading off to the University of Toledo for college! Congrats, Victor! The Jūpcrew is proud of you. 

Come out and meet the duo!

If you've been in need of a gift or a t-shirt to treat yo' self, Roger or Victor would love to help you pick that out and get you the perfect size and design. Ask them about their favorite items and they might become yours too!

If you haven't met these two already, you'll want to make sure to stop in at Cricket West or on Adams Street to see them. They would love for you to say hello!


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