Let's Go Down to Portside!

by Shannon Mossing

Who remembers Portside?! We recently printed shirts to look back on Portside Festival Marketplace and they are now in our store and online! Portside opened in 1984 on the former site of Tiedtke's department store on the Maumee River in downtown Toledo. It was filled with about 80 specialty stores. It offered apparel shops, restaurants and a large central atrium for music and entertainment. Portside opened in hopes of revitalizing Toledo. In 1990, the marketplace unfortunately closed. In the late '90s, Portside became COSI. The center closed in 2007, opening in the fall of 2009 as Imagination Station. Portside brings back a lot of great memories for a lot of Toledo natives. If you have a Portside story you want to share, leave a comment!


  • Comment Author: Clayton Ramsey

    I have original t shirt and mugs! I’m looking for the small replica of The Juggler” statue that was inside Portside. Mine broke beyond repair and it broke my heart to lose it .

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