Jupmode Rooftop Garden Update! (Sustainability 2021)

by john amato

green bell peppers in rooftop garden

We are more than just a t-shirt company! 

We're farmers, too. Well, kind of. 

At Jūpmode, we take gardening very seriously. Especially this time of year when we have lots of fresh veggies grown on our rooftop garden.

In case you didn't know, we've had a rooftop garden on our building since we've moved in. We're pretty proud of it. 

Our employees love being able to take home fresh peppers, tomatoes, carrots, and more. It's also a great distraction and break from the workday when we get to go up there to water and pick our plants.

The rooftop garden is a small thing, but it's part of our greater company initiative to be a more sustainable company, to build the earth, and provide green space in our urban environment.

What veggies do you think should we grow next year?

tomatoes growing in our rooftop garden


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