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Jupmode Gift Guide 2019

Gift Guide for the Sentimentalist:
Whether they remember visiting Major Magic’s as a kid, seeing the pandas at the Toledo Zoo, or maybe even worked at Portside or the Lion Store, there is something nostalgic available for everyone on your list!
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Gift Guide for the Midwesterner:
Ope! Lemme just squeeze right past ya to let you know that these make great gifts for the Midwestern gem in your life. 
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Gift Guide for the Toledo Explorer:
From kayaking on the Maumee, to hiking at a Metropark, or even just biking around town, these gifts can be taken on any adventure!
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Gift Guide for the Holiday Enthusiast:
If you’re gifting to the holiday host with the most, the person who starts decorating the minute Halloween is over, who listens to Christmas music non-stop and watches every holiday classic on repeat, these are the gifts for them!
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