Shirts For Book Lovers

by Molly Joyce

There are a lot of similarities between a favorite book and t-shirt.

A good book and a good t-shirt get better with age. After reading a book multiple times, you become more familiar and comfortable with the characters and storyline. In much the same way, a well-worn t-shirt gets softer and fits better with ever wear.

Being a book lover has its upsides outside of reading a lot of good books. Reading for at least 30 minutes a day can lead to improved intelligence, emotional IQ, and reduced stress. Take this quick quiz to check your status as a bookworm status?

6 Questions To Check Your Bookworm Status?

1. Are you in a book club?

2. Do you love to be asked about your favorite books?

3. Is your favorite kind of day spent at the library or bookstore?

4. Do you always say the book is better than the movie?

5. Is there a stack of books on your bedside table?

6. Do you love giving people book recommendations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're a certified Bookworm. Celebrate your love for reading with the Shirts For Book Lover Collection!

Book Club Shirt 

Book Club Shirt

If your favorite club is a book club, this is your shirt! There are many roles in a book club and whether you're the leader of the book club, the one who didn't read the book, the one who gets off-topic after every question, or the person there for good food and drink rep your book club status with this comfortable Book Club Shirt

Toledo Public Library Book Shirt 

Toledo Public Library Book Shirt

Fun fact, the Toledo Lucas County Public Library was Ohio's First Free Public Library.

Since 1838, they have been providing the community with endless amounts of resources, education, and entertainment. We are so lucky to have the Library so close by.

We've made it no secret over the years that we've relied on the downtown branch to do a lot of our research for our vintage t-shirt designs. The local history department is an incredible resource. 

Grab this vintage Toledo Public Library Book Shirt and go to the Toledo Public Library for your next read. 

Ask Me About My Favorite Books Shirt 

Ask Me About My Favorite Books Shirt

If you love talking about your favorite books, take a look at this tee. This Ask Me About My Favorite Books Shirt is here to help you navigate every conversation to your favorite subjects!

Jupmode is always ready for this question with 100 Things To Do In Toledo Before You Die by Tedd Long in mind. 

 Super Reader Library Shirt 

Super Reader Library Shirt

Are you a super reader? If you lived in the 1980's this logo might look familiar to you. This vintage Toledo Lucas County Public Library graphic from the 1980's is 40 years old but still in style.

Show your love for reading and books with the world! If you're proud of your love for libraries and books, this Super Reader Library Shirt is the perfect vintage shirt to add to your wardrobe. 

Let your kids in on the super reader fun! Find this shirt in youth sizes here!


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