Jūpcrew Staff Picks

by Shannon Mossing

Hi Friends!

I’m Shannon, Creative Director of the retail brand at Jūpmode. 

It’s a shorter holiday season this year, and, if you’re like me, you’re still shopping for your friends and family. It can be really hard to find the right gift for everybody on your list.

I have a personal connection to everything in the retail store since I see it all go from the beginning stages where they're just ideas, to finished products hanging in the store. With that being said, I do have a current favorite, which is our new Toledo Sunset Women's Fleece Jacket! I'm really excited about this garment because it's so practical (it's super warm and lined with a fuzzy sherpa fleece), has a great fit, and I love the Toledo treescape embroidered left chest. It's outdoorsy yet put together, practical yet completely on trend.

I asked some of the Jūpcrew to help out by telling us what their favorite Jūpmode shirts are and what makes each pick so special! Hopefully it helps you with the rest of your holiday shopping.

Thanks for shopping with us this holiday season!
- Shannon 


Goat's Staff Pick
Manual Press Operator

“I went to my very first KISS concert in 5th grade at the Toledo Sports Arena. Skull blown. I saw three total KISS concerts there. Our Sports Arena Rock ‘N’ Roll is the shirt I wear the most.”
Allie's Staff Pick
Customer Service Rep

“My staff pick is the Toledo Woods Crew Sweatshirt. I love the way it fits, it’s so comfortable, and it highlights one of my favorite things about Toledo, which is our natural spaces!”
Mike's Staff Pick
Art Director, Jupmode Custom

“The Major Magic’s t-shirt is definitely one of my faves. It reminds me of going there when I was a kid. I spent a lot of money in that arcade. I love the way the print turned out for it too!”
Britt's Staff Pick
Head of HR and Finance

"I live in Maumee, so this shirt was destined to be one of my favorites, but the nod to "All Right" is really what I love most about it. I also remember going to the Maumee Indoor Theater as a child and more recently my daughter had her first ever dance recital there. It's a Maumee landmark that holds so much nostalgia for me."



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