Inside the Five Brewing Company (Custom Shirts)

by John Amato

Inside the Five Brewing Company Sylvania Ohio

When Inside the Five Brewing Company reached out to us to print their company shirts, a few us of at Jupmode were really excited.

Inside the Five was created by Katie Fields and her husband, former Miami Dolphins punter (and SJJ grad) Brandon.

Our manual press operator, Mike, is a Miami Dolphins super fan and created a Dolphins shrine in production. 

Miami Dolphins Shrine

Inside the Five works with Flanders Creative for branding services. The shirt designs created by Flanders are fantastic. They are clean and simple one and two color prints. The branding message is consistent across all designs. Flanders is proof of the value of working with a creative company to develop a branding strategy. It's fun to print custom t-shirts for organizations who do this. 

We've loved seeing Inside the Five grow over the years. 

Staff shirts for Inside the Five Brewing Company 

inside the five brewing shirts

Inside the Five is part of a growing number of great breweries in Northwest Ohio. Their success in Downtown Sylvania has been a big part of the resurgence of that area. 

We love working with IT5 for a lot of reasons. One of the best is that their shirts are well designed and they're fun to print. They create simple, trendy designs that keep their employees looking good and on brand. 

Inside the Five has been so successful with their apparel that they've been able to use it as an additional revenue source for their brewery. In addition to making great food and beer, IT5 developed a sense of community. When you do this, people want to take your brand with them when they leave. A strong custom apparel program is a great way to do this. 

Need custom apparel for you staff?

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