How you can give back and look stylish through our Community Shirt Club Subscription (New Program)

by Molly Joyce

Did you know that we now have a Community Shirt Club? 

On September 1, 2020 we released our first official Community Shirt. This club works as a subscription-based program. Every 60 days we partner with charities and non-profit organizations in the Toledo area that we think are impacting the community in a positive way and help raise money through a t-shirt sale to support their mission. We donate $5 from the sale of each shirt to the cause.

Why did we create this club? 

As a Toledo based company we aim to foster a sense of pride for our city. The Toledo community is a strong community and we plan to reflect that in these Community Shirt releases. This club provides an opportunity to spread awareness for great causes and supports local businesses at the same time. 

How does it work?

Joining Jupmode's Community Shirt Club means that you are automatically enrolled in every pre-sale of community shirts at a 20% discounted rate! Community shirt pre-sales will run every 2 months. You will receive an email prior to each release, so you have time if you need to change your shirt size or edit your subscription. The credit card on file will be charged automatically if you do not cancel your subscription prior to the shirt release date. There is no contractual length of time for our subscription program so you are free to cancel at any time. For more information, check out our FAQs.

Top 3 reasons to join the Toledo Community Shirt Club

  1. Support a great local cause
  2. Get a shirt and design that you’ll love
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  3. Save money on a shirt you want to buy anyway

Did you see our first subscription shirt? Growing Community - Urban Wholistics 

Our first subscription shirt was for Urban Wholistics. Urban Wholistics is a total health, community-based, grassroots initiative created to beautify open land in neighborhoods in the Toledo area that have been historically excluded from access to holistic green spaces. They are committed to making a strong contribution to an improved environment, job creation and giving back to our community. Through the development of green spaces, Urban Wholistics is able to engage the community through education, instruction, land development and the creation of economic opportunities.


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