How to pause my shirt club membership

by Molly Joyce

Did you know that if you are a member of our Toledo Shirt Club, Ohio Shirt, ClubMichigan Shirt Club or our Toledo Community Shirt Club you can pause your membership? If you do not want to receive an upcoming t-shirt or need to pause your account for other reasons, it is easy to take a break without canceling your membership! 

Here are step by step instructions on how to pause your shirt club account: 

1. On our homepage, click on the highlighted icon to log into your account. If you haven't made your account, use the same email you used when you joined the club and it will automatically load your information into the new account.

Jupmode Account Login

2. Once you are signed in, you need to click on "Manage Subscription" located on the right side of the page directly under your name. 

3. Click "Pause Subscription" in the bottom right corner of your Ohio Shirt Club Subscription 

Pause Shirt Club

4. To receive the next shirt you will have to follow the same steps as above but click "Resume Subscription." 


  • Comment Author: Carol Sawyer

    I do not want the Father tee shirt. However, I am dissapointed you did not offer a Mother’s Day tee shirt for the month of May. I appreciated a notification to get a chance to make changes each month.

  • Comment Author: Patrice Parker

    Please skip the shirt for may. Thanks but please resume in June thanks.

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