Homecoming Shirt Examples and Ideas

by John Amato

Some of our most consistent screen printing work comes from schools. After a few months off for the summer, we get busy printing school shirts again in August. 

A lot of our school shirts are related to team sports, school spiritwear, and uniforms. One of the early events in fall that brings us bulk shirt orders is Homecoming. 

Homecoming shirts are popular for football games to welcome alumni back to campus and for Homecoming dances for the students. 

In this article we will show examples of some of the Homecoming shirts we've printed for high schools and colleges and also cover:

  • What makes a memorable homecoming shirt design
  • Design ideas for your next homecoming event or dance
  • Tips on how to make the most out of your shirt budget
  • How we can help with your homecoming shirt order

There's No Place Like Homecoming 

sylvania high school shirt

This isn't the first time you're going to hear it in this post: simple designs are the best designs. 

Less complicated shirt designs do a better job communicating the intended message. Sylvania Southview did a great job with simplicity in this Homecoming shirt design. 

Simplicity also helps with your shirt budget.

One of the biggest expenses in a high school dance budget is the t-shirts. We get it. 

We understand the importance of managing that budget. Two of the best ways to control your shirt budget are:

  • Limit the number of colors and print locations in a design
  • Print dark colors on light colored shirts

If you can manage these two things, like Sylvania Southview did with their shirts, it will go a long way in keeping your budget in line. 

Top Gun Knights: Bright Back That Loving Feeling

st francis homecoming shirts

St. Francis de Sales was on point this year with thier Top Gun Knights shirt design. We love it when we get to print fun shirt designs like this. 

St. Francis did a lot of things right with this design. They tapped into a really popular current movie that resonates with students and, most likely, their parents. So the appeal in the shirts, like the movie, is timeless. 

In addition, they kept the design simple. A two color print on the front of the shirt keeps the cost low even when they use a soft, more comfortable shirt blank.

Simple designs, printed on soft shirts are going to be worn more. At the end of the day, that's what you want to accomplish with your shirts. 

Great work, Knights!

BGSU Homecoming Shirts

bgsu homecoming shirts

Homecoming isn't just a big deal for high schools. Universities across the county celebrate it annually. 

This year, Bowling Green State University celebrated 100 years. We printed these BGSU Homecoming shirts which highlighted this milestone.

Bowling Green printed their Homecoming shirts in their school color of orange and in white. 

There's No Place Like Lourdes

college homecoming shirt

This was the first year we printed shirts for Lourdes' homecoming weekend. 

In this design, they did a great job of incorporating their event theme with their branding. The iconic arch from their campus fits perfectly with the yellow brick road. 

From a screen printers perspective, it's always best to print a lot of colors on white shirts. Not only does it make the printing process easier, but then the shirt color doesn't interfere with design.

Homecoming Dance Theme Ideas

Choosing a Homecoming theme can be tricky. Here are some theme ideas that might get the brainstorming process started for you. 

  • A Night Under the Stars
  • Hollywood Glam
  • A Night in Wonderland
  • Homecoming Carnival
  • Dancing in the Moonlight
  • We Survived Haunted Homecoming
  • Once Upon a Homecoming
  • Out of This World
  • Living in a Paradise
  • Shape of My Heart
  • Livin' on a Prayer

Order your Homecoming Shirts With Jupmode

At Jupmode, we have a lot of experience printing Homecoming shirts. 

Whether they are for high schools or colleges, alumni or students, the appeal of a commemorative Homecoming shirt is wide ranging. 

When done right (soft shirt, simple design), these shirts can be worn for years to come and help spread school spirit and pride. 

If you’re on the team that is planning Homecoming events for your schoool and you're looking for a printer who has the experience to print quality shirts and print them quickly, get in touch with Jupmode today.

Here’s what Michael had to say after ordering custom screen printed shirts:

Very impressed by the speed and quality of my company's shirt orders. They got our order done in less than a week (70+ shirts) and they came out perfectly fabulous. Thank you for your customer service. 

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