Midwest Women's V-neck (New Women's V-Neck)

by Molly Joyce

You've asked us time and again to print our designs on v-neck shirts. We understand the appeal to a v-neck shirt as much as anyone. That's why we've printed our newest design on a women's v-neck tee.

The Midwest is America's Heartland. In fact, if the US was a person, the Midwest would literally lay at the heart of the US. Home to 68,995,685+ Midwesterners throughout the 12 states that make up this great region, there are a lot of people who have Midwest pride.

That's why we created this new shirt. Wear your favorite region of the United States proudly on this women’s fit V-neck! 

Heartland Midwest Women's V-neck Shirt

Heartland Midwest Women V-neck Shirt

This women's v-neck is going to have all of the same great features that you love in all of our shirts - soft triblend material, quality printing, and a unique design.

This women's fit V-neck is a great gift for anyone who loves to show off their Midwest love. Wear your roots proudly! 


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