Great Lakes Clothing (Shirts and Sweatshirts)

by John Amato

We have always tried to make shirts and clothing that remind people of what makes the Great Lakes region great. Our Great Lakes shirts and sweatshirts bring a tinge of nostalgia and happy memories. 

One of the great things about being from Toledo, Ohio is our proximity to water. Not only do we have the Mighty Maumee River running through town, we have access to many lakes throughout Michigan and Indiana.

It's not until you leave the Midwest that you realize how unusual and special this is. 

Ohioans grew up fishing for walleye, kayaking on the water, making trips up north, and spending their weekends at a cottage on a lake. These are the care free summer memories that we cherish most fondly. The water is relaxing, freeing, and brings a peace of mind. 

And we know that this experience isn't unique. If you're from Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, or Minnesota, you're experiences were the same. 

Great Lakes Great Times Clothing

woman with dog in great lakes great times shirt

For quite a few years one of our most popular shirts has been our 'Great Lakes Great Times' tee. There's something about the phrase that resonates with people. 

We put that design on a t-shirt, then a crewneck sweatshirt, tank top, and koozies. It's a classic design for us. We even made a bandana for the great dogs in our lives. 

Since the phrase meant so much to people, we knew that we needed to mix things up a bit and freshen up the design. We added a script version of the Great Lakes Great Times design not long ago. 

The design change is pretty simple but we have a handful of fun variations. It comes in a new navy t-shirt, pigment dyed hoodie, crewneck sweatshirt, and even a sweatshirt blanket.

The crewneck sweatshirt is especially unique in that it is both screen printed and embroidered. So not only is it a super cute and comfortable mint crew, but it has two different design techniques that you won't find combined on clothing very often. 

We're able to experiment with our designs because we do the screen printing and embroidery ourselves in-house. 

great lakes great times shirt and crew neck

Lake Erie Clothing

Lake Erie Clothing

Perhaps the body of water that brings the most enjoyment for Ohioans is bordered by Cleveland, Sandusky, and Toledo - Lake Erie. 

It's hard to go to Put-in-Bay and not see someone else from your hometown. While the local rivers and streams are great for fishing, your summer is not complete until you make a trip to the Lake.  

Our vintage Lake Erie graphic takes us to the lake in spirit when we can't make it there in person. Lake life is a state of mind. Although we can't be there every day in the summer as we'd like to, we can still live like we were. 

Our Lake Erie graphic is printed on a soft t-shirts for the hot summer days and a garment dyed sweatshirt for those summer nights by the fire. 

Great Lakes Crew Embroidered Sweatshirt

One of our favorite sweatshirts this year is our garment dyed crew sweatshirt. It's been a huge hit for us with a simple tone on tone embroidery on the front. We love it so much, we've released two new designs this summer. Our newest pays tribute to the Great Lakes.

Great Lakes Garment Dyed Crew Sweatshirt

With summer, and the pull to the Lakes, in full swing, we wanted to bring you a new design that you could wear on your nights at the Lake. 

The Great Lakes make the Midwest a special place. Where else in the country can you make quick weekend trips to fresh water so easily or have a small cottage on one of the many smaller lakes. 

If you're like us, some of your favorite memories are fishing on boat with your family or hanging out at night around the fire with your friends. 

Pay tribute to the Great Lakes with this comfy tone-on-tone embroidered Great Lakes crewneck.

Michigan is the Great Lakes State

While a lot of our designs are Toledo and Ohio specific, we aren't very far from Michigan. In fact, some people from Toledo wish we were still part of Michigan.

We know that many of our customers are proud of Toledo, but love their home in Michigan. 

That's why we created our Michigan Great Lakes State shirt. Michigan is the weekend destination for many Toledoans. There are a lot of great reasons to head up north. It could be to explore the Upper Peninsula, visit Detroit or Ann Arbor, or spend a quick weekend at one of the many lakes. 

Michigan the Great Lakes State Shirt

We love the Great Lakes. It's a source of pride for every state that is lucky enough abut one of the Great Lakes.

That's why we created these new items - to celebrate the Great Lakes that make the Midwest special. We think you're going to love them and hope to continue to add to the collection in the future. 


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