Nominate your favorite local charity to win 100 free t-shirts!

by Molly Joyce

Join us in Giving Tuesday 

Do you have a favorite local charity? Are you looking for a fun new way to support them? This year we've got you covered. 

We are celebrating Giving Tuesday by randomly selecting one nonprofit organization in Northwest Ohio to donate 100 custom decorated shirts to. In order to be eligible, the organization must have a 501(c)(3) status. Nominations will be open until 12/8/2020.

It's easy to nominate your favorite nonprofit. Submit your nomination by filling out this quick form right here! Heck, nominate more than one. The more the merrier!

We're a big believer in supporting local. We're a product of the support the Northwest Ohio community has shown us. This is our opportunity to continue to give back to those that have made such a positive impact on us.

Over the last two years, our Community Shirt program has featured over a dozen local organizations. Our new Giving Tuesday initiative is an extension of our commitment to the local community. 


  • Comment Author: Jupmode

    Great choice! Thanks Sally!

  • Comment Author: Sally Perz

    I nominate The Mareda Center. Thank You!

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