Euchre Shirt: Pick It Up I'm Going Alone

by John Amato

pick it up i'm going alone euchre shirt

You know you're from the Midwest when euchre is your favorite card game. You also know there is no better feeling than telling the dealer "pick it up, I'm going alone."

Being from Toledo, euchre is that card game that always seemed so normal and commonplace. While growing up, there was always a table at family gatherings and holidays where a game started. It was a right of passage to be invited to that table and finally be able to play. 

If you ended up moving away from the area, you learned pretty quickly that there was seemingly only a small sliver of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan that knows how to play this game. It is always a great disappointment when you don't have four people for a full game and it's the greatest thrill when you're out of the Midwest and can put a full team together.

We love all of the things that make us uniquely Midwestern. From our snacks to our card games, there's a lot to be proud of being from the Heartland.

Play the official card game of the Midwest now in our new euchre t-shirt!

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